Unveiling the Mysteries Watch ‘Annika Season 2’ on PBS

Dive into the thrilling world of “Annika” as we guide you through the various platforms and schedules to ensure you don’t miss a moment of Season 2. Viewers outside the USA can watch ‘Annika’ on PBS via VPN.

With its gripping plot and stellar performances, “Annika” has captivated audiences, and the anticipation for the second season is palpable.

Mark your calendars to witness the suspense and thrill together on 15 October on PBS.

Quick Steps: How to Watch 'Annika Season 2'Outside US On PBS

Follow these simple steps to watch Annika Season 2

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to PBS

  5. Watch Annika Season 2 on PBS

Where to Watch ‘Annika Season 2’ Online

While specific streaming details from the provided URLs are currently inaccessible, typically, shows like “Annika” might be available on various streaming platforms such as NOW TV, BBC iPlayer, or other local streaming services depending on your location.

Viewer’s Guide To Watch ‘Annika Season 2’ For Free

Whether you’re a returning fan or a new viewer, you can immerse yourself in the series by watching from the beginning or diving straight into the new season. Ensure your streaming subscriptions are up to date to enjoy uninterrupted viewing.

Tune into PBS.  PBS, being a fantastic channel dedicated to bringing educational and entertaining content to your screens, is the go-to place to watch all the best shows. You can tune in to your local PBS channel, visit the PBS website, or use the PBS app to catch all the action. Be it the best travel shows or the best cooking shows on PBS, PBS makes it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

So get a PBS free trial or buy a subscription, and get going! You can always cancel your PBS subscription, whenever you want!

What Are The Best VPNs To Watch Annika Outside the USA

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Annika Season 2: What to Expect

Annika Season 2 is set to premiere on Alibi on Wednesday, August 9, at 9 p.m., with the entire series available as a box set at launch via NOW, Sky, and Virgin Media. US fans will have to wait a bit longer, with the series premiering on PBS Masterpiece in October 2023.

The season is expected to delve deeper into Annika’s personal life, especially after the revelation of her colleague Michael being the father of her teenage daughter Morgan. The plot intertwines her personal dilemmas with intriguing new cases, offering a blend of mystery and emotional drama.

Star-studded Cast ‘Annika Season 2’

Nicola Walker returns as DI Annika Stranded, leading the Marine Homicide Unit (MHU). The cast also includes Jamie Sives as DS Michael McAndrews, Ukweli Roach as DS Tyrone Clarke, Katie Leung as DC Blair Ferguson, Silvie Furneaux as Morgan Stranded, and Kate Dickie as DCI Diane Oban. New to the cast in season two is Varada Sethu, who plays DC Harper Weston.

Watch ‘Annika Season 2’ Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: A brutal drowning recorded on a phone sets Annika and the team on a new case, while Annika grapples with revealing a deep secret to Michael.
  • Episode 2: The team investigates the death of a newly released prisoner in Edinburgh, uncovering connections to her past conviction.
  • Episode 3: A millionaire found dead in a shark tank leads the team to uncover hidden aspects of his persona and a cyber-attack against Annika.
  • Episode 4: A local lothario found dead and encased in ice sets the team on a chilling investigation amidst personal dynamics and old flames.
  • Episode 5: A builder’s death at a remote Scottish eco-resort intertwines Annika’s personal and professional life.
  • Episode 6: A former police officer’s death in a houseboat fire sets the team on a case of retribution and cat-and-mouse games.

Watch ‘Annika Season 2’ Official Trailer

An official trailer for Annika Season 2 has been shared on Alibi’s social channels, providing a glimpse into the new cases and Annika’s evolving personal life.

Revisiting Annika Season 1

For those looking to catch up or revisit Annika Season 1, it is available on BBC iPlayer for UK viewers and via PBS Masterpiece for US viewers. The first season introduces us to Annika Stranded, a detective specializing in marine homicides, and sets the stage for the personal and professional dilemmas explored in the second season.


How can I watch Annika Season 2 online for free outside the US?

US viewers will be able to watch Annika Season 2 on PBS Masterpiece, with the series set to premiere in October 2023.

When is the release date for Annika Season 2?

Annika Season 2 premiered on Alibi on Wednesday, August 9, at 9 p.m. The entire series is available as a box set at launch via NOW, Sky, and Virgin Media. For US viewers, it will premiere on PBS Masterpiece in October 2023.

Can I watch Annika Season 2 online?

Yes, UK viewers can watch Annika Season 2 online via the UKTV Play app. US viewers will be able to stream the series on the PBS app and online if they have a PBS passport, starting from October 2023.


“Annika” Season 2 is bound to be a riveting watch, with its enthralling mysteries and compelling character developments. Ensure you’re prepared for its release by staying informed through official channels and readying your streaming platforms for seamless viewing.

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