Legal Drama: Is There a New Season for SUITS?

In 2019, the popular drama Suits concluded its nine-season run. Four years later, the show, which followed the life of lawyer Mike Ross using his photographic memory to solve cases alongside attorney Harvey Specter experienced an unexpected resurgence. This resurgence was sparked by the release of seasons 1-8 on Netflix in mid-June.

As new fans discover the world of Pearson Hardman and its characters, including Donna Paulsen and Rachel Zane, there’s now a growing desire among viewers for the series to potentially make a comeback. The main question on people’s minds is whether there’s a possibility of a Suits reboot and the show returning for an exciting season 10. Here’s everything you need to know about the renewal of new season.

Preview of SUITS Series

Release Date23 June 2011
TV ChannelNetflix, Peacock, Amazon Prime
IMDb Rating8.4/10
CreatorAaron Korsh

Is SUITS Coming back to Season 10?

Suits hasn’t received an official renewal for Season 10, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of it happening in the future.

The series initially concluded with its ninth season back in 2018 due to declining ratings, leading to the brief Pearson spinoff. However, since its arrival on Netflix and a surge in popularity, there’s been renewed interest in the show, and there’s a slight chance that it might make a comeback.

What Will be the Expected Plot of SUITS Season 10?

In Season 9 of Suits, the central law firm, Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett, faced a significant conflict when Faye Richardson was appointed by the New York Bar to lead the firm, prompting the main characters to fight to regain control and leadership.

Ultimately, they succeeded, but as a result, Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen chose to leave their long-standing roles at the firm. Currently, Louis Litt is the Managing Partner, with Katrina Bennett, Alex Williams, and Samantha Wheeler serving as Name Partners.

SUITS series

If Suits were to continue into Season 10 with a focus on the original firm, these four Name Partners would likely become the main characters as they navigate the challenges of ushering Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett into a new era.

Season 10 could shift its setting to Seattle, where it could continue the stories of Harvey, Mike, and Donna. The show could explore the newly-married Mike and Donna as they start a family in their new home, while Harvey embarks on a different career, fighting for justice for ordinary people and taking on the corporate giants he once defended.

Who Will Return in SUITS Season 10?

Predicting the cast for Suits Season 10 is a bit challenging. We would expect Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty to return as Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen, along with Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt. However, it all hinges on the storyline of the new season.

As for Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane, it’s unlikely we’ll see her again. Since her marriage to Prince Harry in 2016, she hasn’t appeared in any movies or TV shows, and her departure from the series was due to her relationship with Prince Harry.

Is There A Spin-off of SUITS?

Suits had a spin-off called Pearson that ran alongside its ninth and last season. This spin-off focused on Gina Torres’ character, Jessica Pearson, as she transitioned from New York’s upscale legal scene to the gritty realm of Chicago politics. Unfortunately, Pearson was canceled after just one season because it didn’t attract a significant audience on the USA Network and received only lukewarm reviews from both fans and critics.

As of now, there are no indications of another spin-off in the works following the conclusion of both Suits and Pearson in September 2019. It appears that the USA Network is currently not planning to explore the legal world further.

SUITS Season 9 Recap

Suits concludes with Louis and Sheila tying the knot, and Sheila giving birth shortly afterward. Harvey and Donna become engaged and spontaneously decide to get married too. Harvey then reveals his agreement with Faye he’s leaving the firm to join Mike and Rachel in Seattle.


Well, there is a little heartbreak for all fan’s that there will be no news for the renewal of the new season of SUITS. But hopes are high and we are expecting a new season od SUITS with more comedy, drama and twisted plot. Stay with us for more updates.

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