Penelope’s Kiss in Bridgerton Season 3 Undermines Her Character Development

In Bridgerton Season 3, the long-awaited kiss between Penelope and Colin marks a significant moment in their relationship. However, while this scene is intended to depict Penelope’s vulnerability and initiate Colin’s change of heart, it ultimately undermines Penelope’s character development.

Rather than showcasing her strength and growth, the scene reinforces outdated tropes and diminishes her journey towards self-empowerment.

Desperation Over Empowerment

Penelope’s request for a kiss from Colin, as explained by Nicola Coughlan, comes at a moment of desperation. Feeling rejected and humiliated, she believes she has nothing to lose. This portrayal of Penelope as a woman who seeks validation through a man’s affection is problematic.

Instead of showing her rising above societal pressures and personal setbacks, the scene portrays her as dependent on Colin’s approval to regain her self-worth. This moment of weakness contradicts the narrative of female empowerment that Bridgerton aims to promote.

Undermining Independence

While the kiss is a pivotal turning point in their relationship, it does so at the expense of Penelope’s independence. Throughout the series, Penelope has been depicted as intelligent, resourceful, and resilient, particularly in her role as Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton Season 3

By reducing her character to someone who needs a man’s love to feel complete, the show detracts from her strengths and achievements. This diminishes the impact of her character’s growth and reduces her to a stereotypical romantic heroine.

Reinforcing Problematic Notions

Furthermore, the kiss scene reinforces the notion that a woman’s worth is tied to her romantic relationships. Penelope’s transformation and efforts to find a husband are portrayed as her primary goals, overshadowing her other qualities and aspirations.

This focus on romantic validation sends a regressive message, suggesting that personal fulfillment for women is only achievable through a romantic partner. Bridgerton had an opportunity to depict Penelope’s journey towards self-acceptance and independence, but instead, it falls back on conventional romantic tropes.

Colin’s Perspective Overshadowing Penelope’s

The scene also places undue emphasis on Colin’s perspective, overshadowing Penelope’s experiences. Colin’s realization of his feelings for Penelope comes only after she exposes her vulnerability, reinforcing the trope that men only appreciate women after they express their emotional dependency.

This dynamic undermines the notion of mutual respect and equality in relationships. A more empowering narrative would have shown Colin recognizing Penelope’s worth through her strengths and resilience, rather than through a moment of desperation.

Sidelining Penelope’s Complexity

Additionally, the kiss and subsequent romantic development gloss over the complexities of Penelope’s character, particularly her secret identity as Lady Whistledown. While the show teases potential conflict arising from this revelation, the focus remains primarily on the romantic storyline.

Penelope’s dual identity and the challenges she faces as a writer in a patriarchal society are rich with narrative potential. However, these aspects are sidelined in favor of a conventional romantic plot, missing an opportunity to explore deeper themes and character dynamics.

A Missed Opportunity

In conclusion, while the kiss between Penelope and Colin in Bridgerton Season 3 is intended to be a defining moment, it ultimately undermines Penelope’s character development. By portraying her as reliant on Colin’s affection for validation, the scene diminishes her independence and reinforces outdated romantic tropes.

Bridgerton had the chance to depict a narrative of female empowerment and self-acceptance, but instead, it falls back on conventional storytelling. To truly honor Penelope’s character, the show should focus on her strengths, resilience, and complexity, rather than reducing her to a romantic stereotype.

M. Osama Asghar

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