Critics Applaud Gen V as a Success!

Amazon Prime’s newest series’, Gen V, a spin-off of The Boys, release is right around the corner. However, it was made available for critics to preview ahead of its release. Early reviews suggest that Gen V is a resounding success!

Matt Donato of IGN writes, “Episodes 1 through 3 are a superpowered knockout jam-packed with storytelling engagement trimmed with a master butcher’s precise cuts. There are multiple layers to Gen V as Godolkin students endure complex lives they had no choice in accepting, thickening drama by letting the messiness of their behaviors define what it actually means to act like a hero. You’ll laugh out loud, wince often, and wonder how Gen V gets away with half of what’s displayed.”

Critic Alison Herman of Variety believes the series possesses the distinctive qualities of the The Boys, which resonated with its audience, stating:

It “retains the edge, cynicism and (aptly) adolescent humor that make its parent show tick, suggesting The Boys is far from the creative fatigue now plaguing juggernauts like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Herman added, the show expands The Boys “while feeling more substantial than a rote exercise in brand building.”

Critics also took to Twitter to commend the show, writing, “Gen V is worthy spinoff to #TheBoys, with the same raunch, bloody explosions, meta-commentary on media and entertainment; as well as sense of heart about the characters and willingness to treat hot button issues with care and nuance. This show is gonna be a hit.”

The series premieres September 29 on Prime.

Joanne Wells

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