The Chosen Season 4 To Premiere in Theaters from Early February

It has been officially announced that the popular streaming series, The Chosen season 4 (available on Netflix, Prime Video, and Peacock), will first be released exclusively in theaters.

The rollout of the upcoming season will begin on February 1, 2024, with a two-week run of episodes 1-3. This will be followed by episodes 4-6 on February 15, and episodes 7-8 on February 29.

In the US and Canada, the distribution will be handled by Fathom Events, while a consortium of distributors will bring the episodes to the big screen in Latin America, the UK, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand.

After the theatrical release, The Chosen Season 4 will debut on various streaming platforms. Lionsgate will serve as the global television distributor for the show. This strategy of releasing selected episodes in theaters has been successful in the past, with the first and final episodes of the previous season of the series being shown in theaters via Fathom.

The Chosen season 4

Dallas Jenkins, the creator, director, and producer of the show, expressed the excitement around this theatrical release, stating, “Every time we’ve dipped our toes in the theatrical waters, viewers have overwhelmingly told us they want more.” He believes that showing the episodes on the big screen is a way to give fans a unique and memorable experience where they can share laughter and tears with others.

Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom, also shared his enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to collaborate again with The Chosen team to bring fans the entire fourth season to cinemas before it is available elsewhere.” The finalized theatrical plan was announced at The Chosen Insiders Conference in Dallas, where attendees were treated to a teaser trailer of the new season.

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