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Aussies are you ready for this! The iconic Top Gear Australia 2024 is back and it’s revving up to be the most thrilling season yet, exclusively on Paramount+. Dive into a whirlwind of automotive excellence as our dynamic new hosts—Jonathan LaPaglia, Beau Ryan, and Blair Joscelyne, also known as Moog—take the wheel for a series of epic adventures. From tackling the rugged outback to navigating the serpentine roads of the French Alps, this season is packed with high-speed challenges, insightful car reviews, and adventurous road trips that showcase the spirit of motoring. Prepare to be entertained by their camaraderie, humor, and shared passion for all things automotive. So buckle up, Aussies and watch Top Gear Australia 2024 in Australia as it takes you on a breathtaking ride filled with unscripted fun and high-octane excitement. Don’t miss out on watching it right here in Australia!

Quick Steps: Watch Top Gear Australia 2024 In Australia On Paramount Plus

Follow these simple steps to watch Top Gear Australia 2024 In Australia

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Paramount Plus

  5. Watch your favorite content on Paramount Plus

Where To Watch Top Gear Australia 2024 In Australia?

For those in Australia, Paramount+ serves as the perfect platform to watch Top Gear Australia 2024. This streaming service provides an extensive selection of TV shows, movies, and exclusive content, including the eagerly awaited new season of “Top Gear Australia.” Subscribers benefit from high-definition streaming, an intuitive interface, and multi-device compatibility, offering a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience of their favorite car-themed series from any location.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Top Gear Australia 2024 In Australia On Paramount+?

If you’re trying to watch Top Gear Australia 2024 on Paramount+ while in Australia, you typically wouldn’t need a VPN because Paramount+ offers direct access to its content in Australia. However, a VPN might be necessary if you are traveling abroad or want to access different regional libraries that may contain exclusive content not available in the Australian version of the service. A VPN allows you to route your internet connection through a server in Australia, ensuring you can access Australian streaming content as if you were still in the country. This is particularly useful for Australian residents who travel internationally but wish to continue enjoying their local content, including shows like Top Gear Australia 2024, without interruption.

Best VPN To Watch Top Gear Australia 2024 In Australia On Paramount+

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ExpressVPN is renowned for its exceptional speed and robust security capabilities, making it ideal for streaming shows such as Top Gear Australia 2024. It provides optimized servers that ensure stable and fast connections, facilitating smooth, high-quality streaming without any buffering issues. Additionally, ExpressVPN features an intuitive interface that simplifies the setup process, allowing even novice users to easily connect to a server in the USA.

PureVPN stands out for its cost-effectiveness and extensive network of servers, including those in the USA tailored for streaming purposes. It features robust encryption and secure protocols, though its connection speeds may not always match those of ExpressVPN. Nonetheless, PureVPN strikes an excellent balance between affordability and performance, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious viewers.

Top Gear Australia 2024 Release Date

Top Gear Australia is set to premiere on Paramount+ on May 17, 2024. The specific launch date will be announced closer to the release, promising fans a fresh season packed with automotive thrills and a renewed spirit of adventure.

About Top Gear Australia 2024

Top Gear Australia 2024 marks the eagerly awaited revival of the iconic car show on Paramount+, featuring new hosts and exhilarating new escapades. This season, viewers are introduced to a vibrant hosting team: Jonathan LaPaglia, famed for his role in “Australian Survivor” and his acting credentials; Beau Ryan, a former NRL star who has transitioned into a charismatic television presenter; and Blair Joscelyne, better known as Moog from the Mighty Car Mods YouTube channel, who brings a wealth of knowledge about car culture and modifications.

This trio leads the audience on a global adventure from the rugged terrains of Australia to the winding roads of the French Alps and the bustling streets of Colombia. Every episode is filled with fast-paced challenges, stunning road trips, and detailed car reviews, all infused with humor, camaraderie, and a genuine passion for automotive discovery. Top Gear Australia 2024 is set to captivate both long-time fans and new viewers with a season brimming with dynamic and high-spirited entertainment.

Top Gear Australia 2024 Trailer

The trailer for Top Gear Australia 2024 offers a sneak peek into the thrilling escapades and exotic locales that the hosts will explore. Showcasing high-speed car chases, stunning scenic shots, and a hint of the humour and camaraderie that fans can expect, the trailer is available on the Paramount+ website and their official YouTube channel, stirring excitement and anticipation among the automotive community.

Top Gear Australia 2024 Cast

  • Jonathan LaPaglia – Known for his robust acting career and as the host of Australian Survivor, Jonathan brings his charismatic screen presence and a deep passion for cars to the show.
  • Beau Ryan – A former NRL star who transitioned to television, Beau is known for his lively personality and experience in hosting The Amazing Race Australia. His enthusiasm and humour add a relatable touch to the show.
  • Blair Joscelyne (Moog) – Widely recognized from the popular YouTube channel Mighty Car Mods, Blair brings a wealth of automotive knowledge and a dedicated fan base. His expertise in car modifications and DIY culture offers a practical perspective to the series.

Episode Guide

While the complete episode guide for “Top Gear Australia” 2024 will be detailed closer to the series premiere, expect a season filled with unique challenges, celebrity guest appearances, and breathtaking road trips. Each episode aims to blend the show’s traditional format with new elements tailored to its refreshed cast and modern audience.


How can I watch Top Gear Australia 2024 in Australia?

Use a reliable VPN to connect to a US server and access Paramount+ as if you were located in the USA.

What is a VPN and why do I need it to watch Top Gear Australia 2024 in Australia?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that allows you to connect to the internet via a server located in another country. It masks your original IP address to make it appear as though you are browsing from a different location. This is necessary for watching “Top Gear Australia 2024” because Paramount+ has geographical restrictions that limit access to viewers within the USA.

Is it legal to use a VPN to watch Top Gear Australia 2024 in Australia?

While using a VPN is legal in most countries, it’s important to check the specific laws regarding VPN use in your country. Additionally, using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions is against the terms of service for many streaming platforms, including Paramount+.

Final Words!

As the dust settles and the engines cool, remember that Top Gear Australia 2024 offers more than just a television show—it’s a journey into the heart of car culture, brought into your living rooms from the most spectacular locales across the globe. For viewers in Australia, tuning in means not just watching, but experiencing the camaraderie, the adventures, and the pure joy of motoring. Whether you’re a die-hard automotive enthusiast or a casual viewer looking for some thrill, this season of Top Gear Australia on Paramount+ promises to deliver adrenaline, laughter, and awe-inspiring moments. So, fasten your seatbelts, Australia, it’s time to ride shotgun with the best in the business. Don’t miss a moment of this thrilling ride—it’s your ticket to the world of cars like never before!

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