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Get ready Adventure Time fans because the new Adventure Time series is here where genders of Finn & Jake are swapped by Fionna & Cake, stream this series on HBO MAX aired on August 31, 2023. You can stream this Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake outside US via a VPN, a VPN will help you to access the HBO MAX to watch Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake in countries outside USA, such as in Asian countries , European countries & African countries. HBO Max is the most know site when it comes to entertainment because they provide their HBO Max best tv shows & HBO Max dance movies for the audience on their site with the high quality user experience.

Adventure Time Fionna and the Cake is a new series based on Finn and Jake’s characters, following their journey through the multiverse, with an Ice King and a villain. In this article we will discuses Adventure Time Fionna and cake all episode guide, storyline, characters & how you can stream the series online outside US via VPN.

Quick Steps: How To Watch The Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake Outside US

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Where To Stream Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake Outside US Online

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The Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake Release Date

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake premiered on Thursday, August 31, 2023. The series premiered its first episode at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2023.

The Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake’s Trailer

Official Synopsis

Fionna and her magical best friend and talking cat, “Cake” explore their relationship and the mysterious land of Ooo


The Plot Of Adventure Time Fionna And Cake

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is an upcoming American adult animated TV series, a spin-off from the original Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. The series follows the journeys of Fionna and Cake, alternate versions of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, as they navigate through different dimensions and uncover profound truths about themselves. The show balances their multiverse adventures with the pursuit of an antagonist, offering an engaging mix of excitement and introspection.

The Official Ratings Of Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake

Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Characters And Their Voice Actors

Here is the full list of The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Characters.

Main Characters Of Adventure Time Fionna And Cake

  • Madeleine Martin as Fionna Campbell, the gender-swapped version of Finn the Human.
  • Roz Ryan as Cake the Cat, the gender-swapped version of Jake the Dog.
  • Tom Kenny as Simon Petrikov, the man who used to be the Ice King.

Supporting Characters Of Adventure Time Fionna And Cake

  • Andrew Rannells as Gary Prince, the gender-swapped version of Princess Bubblegum.
  • Donald Glover as Marshall Lee, the gender-swapped version of Marceline the Vampire Queen.
  • Audrey Bennett as Astrid, a young human girl who is a fan of the Fionna and Cake books written by Ice King.
  • Jeremy Shada as Finn Mertens, an aged-up version from the original series who continues to go on quests and adventures even without Jake.
  • Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum.
  • Olivia Olson as Marceline.

Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode Guide

The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake will be having 10 episode in this series and we have the episode guide for you here.

  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 1- Fionna Campbell-August 31, 2023: Fionna, unable to afford to take Cake to the vet, seeks assistance from an unconventional source after a disastrous morning.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 2-Simon Petrikov- August 31, 2023: Simon, the former Ice King, is grappling with the challenge of becoming a normal human in a magical world and is contemplating drastic actions.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 3-Cake the Cat September 7, 2023: Fionna embarks on a quest after witnessing an impossible event in a fantastic new world after a cake crash.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 4-Prismo the Wishmaster –September 7, 2023: Fionna, Cake, and Simon meet in a mysterious location to discover their interconnectedness.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 5- Destiny– September 14, 2023: Fionna, Cake, and Simon, driven by a formidable adversary, venture into a lawless realm to acquire a magical artifact.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 6-The Winter KingSeptember 14, 2023: Fionna and Simon discover their best selves and potential solutions in a wintery kingdom, while Marshall Lee assists Gary with a baking project.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 7-The Star- September 21, 2023: Cake is recruited by a group of skilled vampire hunters, while Gary and Marshall Lee attend a black-tie party.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 8- Jerry- September 21, 2023: Fionna, Cake, and Simon are trapped in a desolate land and resort to desperate measures to escape.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 9- Casper & Nova- September 28, 2023: Simon is transported across time and space, facing increasing danger towards Fionna and Cake.
  • The Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Episode 10- Cheers-September 28, 2023: TBA

Is It Worthy To Watch Adventure Time Fionna And Cake

Fionna and Cake, beloved characters in the Ice King’s imaginative tales, will join Simon Petrikov in the upcoming Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake limited series. They will embark on a multidimensional odyssey, battling a new adversary, catering to a young adult audience.

About The Adventure Time Series:

Adventure Time, a Cartoon Network show from 2010-2018, featured Finn the Human and Jake the Dog in the enchanting Ooo land. The series explored Princess Bubblegum and Marceline’s shared future, and was extended into four specials in 2020-2021.

Featured Review Of Adventure Time Fionna And Cake On IMDb

On IMDb: The original Adventure Time series, featuring Fiona and Cake, was criticized for being cheesy. However, this series has improved character nuance and maturity, making it more appealing to a mature audience. The transition from children to adult shows is an exciting new perspective, and the show is in touch with fans’ opinions and desires. It delivers for any fan of Adventure Time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fionna and Cake getting a real show?

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, a series in development since 2021, is set to premiere on Max in 2023, with its first episode set to air at San Diego Comic Con.

How old was Finn at the end of Adventure Time?

Finn, a talented 12 year old, ages throughout the series to 17 by the finale, known for his beatboxing and sword fighting skills.

Did Fionna ever meet Finn?

Finn and Fionna encounter each other in a strange way, and after a humorous encounter, they enter a state of “Memory Sharing”.

Final thoughts!

The Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake previews show a world unscathed by the Great Mushroom War, dynamic episodes featuring an older Finn and Jake, and Fionna and Cake’s trip through realms, all of which promise a thrilling return in just 10 episodes.

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