The Gathering Cast – Get To Know The Buzz Around This Cast

Channel 4’s new thriller series, The Gathering, promises to be a gripping addition to the network’s lineup. This Liverpool-set six-part series delves into the tumultuous lives of a group of teenagers and their even more chaotic parents. Described as both a “whodunnit” and a “why-dunnit,” the series revolves around the mysterious attack on Kelly, an elite gymnast. Produced by the acclaimed team behind Line of Duty and Bodyguard, The Gathering is poised to captivate audiences with its intricate plot and complex characters.

The Gathering Cast: An Overview

The series boasts a stellar ensemble cast, each bringing depth and nuance to their roles. Here’s a look at the key members of The Gathering cast:

Vinette Robinson as Natalie

The Gathering Cast - Get To Know The Buzz Around This Cast

Bradford-born Vinette Robinson, acclaimed for her performances in The Lazarus Project and Boiling Point, plays Natalie. Robinson’s role in The Gathering cast brings a wealth of experience and critical acclaim to the series. She has been celebrated for her ability to deliver powerful, nuanced performances that resonate with audiences. As Natalie, Robinson is expected to bring a strong, commanding presence, enriching the series with her seasoned acting skills and adding to the overall depth of The Gathering cast.

Eva Morgan as Kelly

The Gathering Cast - Get To Know The Buzz Around This Cast

Newcomer Eva Morgan, a native of Liverpool and a 2023 graduate of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, takes on the role of Kelly. This marks her first major role, setting the stage for a promising career. Morgan’s portrayal of Kelly, a character dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic attack, showcases her ability to capture emotional complexity and resilience. Her performance is expected to be a standout, establishing her as a fresh and compelling presence in the industry and a notable member of The Gathering cast.

Sonny Walker as Adam

The Gathering Cast - Get To Know The Buzz Around This Cast

Sonny Walker, an actor, model, and welterweight boxer, plays Adam. Walker’s multifaceted talent enriches The Gathering cast, bringing both physicality and depth to his character. His dual career as an actor and boxer provides him with a unique perspective and a strong screen presence. In The Gathering, Walker’s portrayal of Adam is expected to add a dynamic and authentic element to the series, reflecting the physical and emotional challenges faced by his character.

Sadie Soverall as Jessica

The Gathering Cast - Get To Know The Buzz Around This Cast

Sadie Soverall, a 22-year-old actor from London, portrays Jessica. Known for her roles in Rose Plays Julie and Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga, Soverall adds a dynamic presence to The Gathering cast. Her character, Jessica, is another elite gymnast and a central figure in the narrative. Soverall’s previous performances have demonstrated her versatility and emotional depth, which are crucial for the multifaceted role of Jessica. Her involvement in The Gathering cast underscores the series’ commitment to high-caliber acting talent.

Richard Coyle as Jules

The Gathering Cast - Get To Know The Buzz Around This Cast

Richard Coyle, familiar to audiences from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Coupling, joins The Gathering cast as Jules. His diverse portfolio includes notable appearances in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Coyle’s versatility and experience in both television and film make him a valuable addition to The Gathering cast. His portrayal of Jules will likely be marked by his characteristic intensity and charisma, further elevating the series’ dramatic appeal.

Warren Brown as Paul

The Gathering Cast - Get To Know The Buzz Around This Cast

Warren Brown, known for his roles in Luther and Strike Back, portrays Paul. Brown’s addition to The Gathering cast adds a layer of intensity and intrigue to the series. With a background in playing complex, often morally ambiguous characters, Brown is well-suited to the role of Paul. His experience in high-stakes drama and action roles will contribute significantly to the suspense and emotional weight of The Gathering, making his performance one to watch.

Supporting Cast

The Gathering cast also includes:

  • Ryan Quarmby as Charlie
  • Luca Kamleh-Chapman as Bazi
  • Poppy Miller as Dawn
  • Deborah Bouchard as Diane
  • Oliver Nelson as Josh
  • Christine Tremarco as Carianne
  • Emma Keele as Helen Clarence
  • Shane Walker as Macca
  • Dylan Thomas Smith as Oscar
  • Charity Bedu-Addo as Sonia
  • Olivia Frances Brown as Miss Hanson
  • Max Johnson as Tate


The Gathering is set to be a thrilling and thought-provoking series that explores the dark underbelly of teenage life and parental dynamics. With a talented cast and authentic filming locations, it promises to be a must-watch for fans of intense drama and mystery. Keep an eye out for the premiere on Channel 4 and immerse yourself in the gripping world of The Gathering.

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