‘Fallout’ Star Ella Purnell Takes Lead in New Comedy-Horror ‘The Scurry’

Fresh off her riveting performance in the post-apocalyptic drama ‘Fallout,’ Ella Purnell is set to captivate audiences in a thrilling new comedy-horror film, “The Scurry.” Known for her role as Jackie Taylor in the critically acclaimed series “Yellowjackets,” Purnell continues to make her mark in Hollywood with diverse and challenging roles.

In “The Scurry,” Purnell will portray Lucy MacLean, a parking attendant who finds herself in an unexpected battle for survival against a horde of deranged squirrels at her workplace. The film promises a unique blend of terror and humour, with Purnell’s character using her distinct skills to tackle the menacing wildlife threatening her and the park’s visitors.

Joining Purnell in this eerie adventure are notable actors Rhys Ifans of “House of the Dragon” fame, Paapa Essiedu known from “The Lazarus Project,” and Antonia Thomas from “The Good Doctor.” Details on their roles remain under wraps, adding an element of mystery to the ensemble cast.

The project initially had Olivia Cooke and Mia McKenna-Bruce attached, but due to scheduling conflicts, both actresses had to step away, paving the way for an exciting new lineup.

Ella Purnell Fallout

The Scurry” unfolds around a seemingly routine call to a country park café by two pest controllers, which spirals into chaos as night falls and killer squirrels embark on a vengeful rampage.

This quirky premise is the brainchild of screenwriter Tim Telling, known for his work on “The Mash Report” and “Late Night Mash,” and will be brought to life under the direction of Welsh filmmaker Craig Roberts, celebrated for his directorial work in “Just Jim” and “Eternal Beauty.”

With filming currently underway in the United Kingdom, including scenes shot at Dragon Studios in South Wales, the production buzz is palpable, though a release date remains on the horizon.

As “The Scurry” progresses through production, fans of comedy, horror, and Ella Purnell should stay alert for more updates on this anticipated film, which is already shaping up to be a must-watch for its inventive plot and dynamic cast. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

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