Prime Video’s Citadel Sparks Debate: Massive Success in India

Amazon Prime Video’s ambitious and expensive show, Citadel, has been a topic of debate regarding its performance and impact on the streaming platform. Following the scrutiny faced by Prime Video’s The Rings of Power, critics and industry experts have been eager to uncover the secrets behind Amazon’s strategy and the elusive definition of success and failure in the streaming world.

While initial data for Prime Video’s Citadel seems underwhelming, there is a surprising twist in its tale. It’s important to examine its influence both globally and within specific markets, particularly India.

Questionable US Performance

Citadel’s early performance in the US market has failed to make a significant impact. it failed to land on Nielsen’s Top 10 list, losing out to a John Mulaney comedy special, which undoubtedly benefited from not costing Netflix a whopping $300 million to produce.

Additionally, IMDB ratings for Prime Video’s Citadel declined steadily per episode, indicating a potential lack of viewer engagement. Furthermore, Google Trends data indicated a steep decline in interest after the initial release, posing a challenge for a weekly show backed by renowned producers, the Russo brothers. Even if Citadel managed to secure a spot within the Top 20 or Top 25 series, it is safe to say, based on publicly available data, that it did not perform well in the US market.

Amazon Prime Video's Citadel

Amazon’s Global Approach

Despite the lackluster US performance, Citadel aims to be a global success. Amazon Studios chief, Jen Salke, refrained from boasting about the show’s success on official channels but rather highlighted that it drew “one of the largest global audiences in Prime Video history” on social media platforms. This strategic approach indicates that Amazon recognizes the series’ potential beyond the US market. Additionally, In its quest to become a global success, Amazon strategically aims to penetrate international markets, with a particular focus on India.

Priyanka Chopra’s involvement in Amazon’s Citadel goes beyond just being an actress. As a co-producer, she has actively participated in shaping the series and ensuring its cultural authenticity. Speaking about the project, Chopra expressed her excitement, stating, “Citadel is a truly global project that will bring Indian talent and storytelling to a global audience. It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase the talent and creativity that exists in India.”

Priyanka Chopra in Prime Video's Citadel

Success in Indian Market

Despite the underwhelming performance in the US, Citadel has found a substantial fanbase in India, surpassing its reception in its country of origin. IMDB data reveals that 40 percent of over 1,000 reviews for Citadel from India awarded it a perfect 10-star rating. This number is more than double the 10-star ratings from the US and quadruple that of Germany.

Although IMDB data should be approached cautiously, it emphasizes the positive response and growing demand for the series in India. Furthermore, the inclusion of Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra in the cast serves as a strategic move to penetrate the Indian market. Chopra’s popularity and influence in India and abroad make her a powerful asset in attracting viewers and expanding Prime Video’s reach.

Demand Boost For Prime Video India

Citadel’s popularity in India stands out as an exception in the streaming world. Data from Parrot Analytics indicates that the series ranked among the top 10 most in-demand shows in India for three weeks following its release and currently holds the 14th position. This success presents a significant opportunity for Amazon to drive Prime Video subscribers in a market that has proven challenging for many streaming services.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, JioCinema

As India remains a unique challenge for many streaming services due to the country’s cultural diversity, language variations, and the overwhelming popularity of local content. It improves the competitiveness of Prime Video in the market where it directly competes with giants like Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar and JioCinema.


In summary, Citadel’s global aspirations extend beyond its performance in the US market. Amazon’s strategic decision to cast Priyanka Chopra, along with the show’s captivating storyline, has struck a chord with Indian viewers, propelling the series to new heights of popularity. By recognizing and tapping into the immense potential of the Indian market, Amazon aims to strengthen its presence, not only in India but also on the global streaming stage. Citadel’s success serves as a stepping stone toward achieving these ambitious goals and cementing Prime Video as a leading player in the highly competitive streaming industry.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Amazon swiftly greenlit a second season. On May 25, Prime Video officially announced the renewal of Citadel for a second season.

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