Prime Video India: Next Decade Belongs To Indian Stories

Prime Video India Country Head Sushant Sreeram declares next decade as the era for Indian stories.

According to Variety, During the FICCI-Frames 2023 convention in Mumbai, Sushant Sreeram, country director of Prime Video India, stated that the next decade will belong to Indian stories. Will be possible by the expansion of linguistic palette and content diversity brought about by streaming services.

“By offering convenient and easy access to the finest Indian content, OTT [streaming] players have made Indian entertainment accessible to viewers worldwide,” Sreeram said.

Sreeram also noted that a quarter of the audience for Indian titles on Prime Video comes from outside India, demonstrating the global appeal of Indian stories. He cited the success of Amazon’s original series “Farzi,” which was released in 37 languages globally. Streamed by viewers in 170 countries and territories and became one of the top 10 trending shows on Prime Video in several countries.

“Today, over 60% of the customers on Prime Video stream content in four or more languages while 50% viewership of local language content comes from outside the home states,” Sreeram said, adding that streaming platforms such as Prime Video are broadening the linguistic diversity of audiences and making entertainment globally accessible.

Sreeram listed three areas that will boost the Indian creative economy: public-private partnerships, alliances, and cross-cultural collaborations.

“The next 10 years will be the decade for Indian stories, Indian storytellers. Borders and languages are no longer a constraint. Great stories will find their moment under the sun,” Sreeram said, urging everyone across the industry to take big bets. The rise of streaming services is helping take Indian stories to a global audience, and it seems there is no stopping the growth of the Indian creative economy in the years to come.

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