Hollywood Strike Sparks Potential Delays in Movie Premieres

As the strike in Hollywood continues, discussions about movie release schedules are intensifying, and studios may soon face the decision to delay film premieres. It is expected that today movie studio executives will deliberate on release plans.

One key concern revolves around the impact of limited star promotion on opening weekends. While some studios are considering pushing back certain releases, others have opted to proceed as scheduled. Warner Bros, for example, views the megashark as the star of “The Meg 2” and has chosen not to delay the film, despite potential challenges in star promotion. Similarly, Sony plans to release “Equalizer 3” in September, even if lead actor Denzel Washington is unavailable for promotions.

However, Disney’s “Deadpool 3” faces uncertainty as director Shawn Levy is still far from completing the shoot. If the Hollywood strike persists, Disney may be left without its traditional Marvel movie to kick off the summer season. This could prompt a reshuffling of the entire Summer 2024 lineup and the potential loss of major titles, impacting both theaters and studios.

Deadpool 3

Also, Luca Guadagnino reportedly suggested to Amazon that they delay the release of ‘CHALLENGERS’ due to the strikes (which are the result of studios refusing to pay actors and writers what they rightfully deserve) but no decision has been made yet.

On the other hand, independent productions may gain an advantage over studios if they are allowed to continue production and stars can promote them at festivals and events. SAG-AFTRA is granting “interim agreements” to indie productions that adhere to the latest guild proposal, allowing them to proceed without financing or distribution from struck companies.

While this presents an opportunity for independent films to gain attention, there is still a risk that some actors may choose not to work during the strike.

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