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Acorn TV, the streaming service, has revealed that it will have the exclusive debut of the 2022 limited series Mayflies in October 2023. The series delves into the profound bonds of male friendship and the sacrifices we make for our loved ones. Watch Maylies on 30 October 2023 as the series is coming back on Acorn TV. The series first premiered on BBC iPlayer on 27 December 2022, if you miss the series you have a great chance to stream it again.

Upon learning of Tully’s heartbreaking terminal cancer diagnosis, Jimmy returns to be with him, marking their reunion in their last days together. As they spend time together, they fondly recall their 1980s adolescence. Mayflies is described as a tribute to the highs and lows of youth, set to a soundtrack of classic songs from that era.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Mayflies outside USA

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  5. Watch Mayflies on Acorn TV

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Mayflies Outside USA?

To watch Mayflies if you live somewhere where Acorn TV is unavailable, you will need a VPN in order to get around geo-restrictions. With the help of a VPN, you may act as though you are accessing the internet from the US and enjoy the show in the same way as everyone else.

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What is the Release Date of Mayflies?

Mary your calenders! Mayflies will be released on 30 October 2023 on Acorn TV. Don’t forget to watch the heartbreaking and emotional drama series of two friends.

Where To Watch Mayflies?

Following are the streaming platforms in which Mayflies is available to watch. To access both services you need a VPN service because both have regional restrictions.

On Acorn TV:

Release Date 30 October 2023
Streaming ChannelAcorn TV
IMDB Rating7.6/10
Genre Drama
Subscription Price$6.99/ Month

On BBC iPlayer:

Release Date 27 December 2023
Streaming ChannelBBC iPlayer
IMDB Rating7.6/10
Genre Drama

The BBC drama series Mayflies aired its two back to back episodes on BBC One at 9:00 pm on 28 December 2023. So let’s have a look at the subscription prices of BBC iPlayer

Subscription PlanPrice in USD
Yearly TV License Fee$175.54
Weekly Cost$3.33
Monthly Cost$14.47

Official Synopsis

“A friendship forged between James and Tully in a small Scottish town in 1986. One weekend, they make a vow to each other to go at life differently. But then, 30 years on, half a life away, the phone rings. Tully has the worst kind of news.”


Watch Mayflies Trailer

What is the About of Mayflies?

Adapted from Andrew O’Hagan’s acclaimed 2020 novel of the same title, Mayflies explores the intersection of everyday tragedy and reflections on the joys and sacrifices inherent in love. The limited series delves into the lives of Jimmy Collins (portrayed by Martin Compston) and Tully Dawson (played by Tony Curran), lifelong best friends whose bond was forged in their small Scottish hometown through a shared love of music and movies. Three decades later, Tully receives a devastating terminal cancer diagnosis and makes a startling request to his loyal friend: to assist him in ending his life on his own terms.

Tully seeks to pursue assisted suicide in Switzerland and desires Jimmy’s presence during this profound moment. Overwhelmed by this profound ethical dilemma, Jimmy must grapple with the decision, triggering a journey of introspection. In the process, the two men reminisce about a transformative weekend in Manchester during their youth, a time when they made promises about the futures they envisioned for themselves.

Their friendship has weathered the passage of years and distances, cemented by a shared history of youthful triumphs, a shared appreciation for cultural pursuits, and a resolute determination not to follow in their fathers’ footsteps. Yet, as they confront the ultimate test of their vow, their friendship, love, and loyalty are pushed to their limits.

Who is in the Cast of Mayflies?

Official Name Character Name
Martin CompstonJimmy
Tony CurranTully
Ashley JensenAnna
Matt LittlesonLimbo
Cal MacAninch Tibbs
Elaine C SmithBarbara
Shauna MacdonaldFiona
Colin McCredieScott
Charlene Boydyoung Barbara
Tom Glynn-CarneyYoung Tully

How Many Episodes of Mayflies Are There?

It consists of two episodes.

Episode 1 | 30 October 2023

The 30-year friendship between Tully and Jimmy is put to the test when Tully asks Jimmy to take charge of his terminal cancer diagnosis by bringing him to Switzerland so he can pass away according to his wishes.

Episode 2 | 31 October 2023

Jimmy is preoccupied with moral quandaries while organizing the trip to Switzerland, but tensions rise when Anna, Tully’s wife, learns of the plot and says she will not condone her husband’s assisted suicide.

What is the hype of Mayflies?


Is Mayflies available on Netflix?

No, it is not available on Netflix.

Is Mayflies worth watching?

An intense film, but well worth it because to the excellent actors and writing. Each person involved must make extremely difficult decisions that will have an impact on their lives. Martin Compston is an incredibly talented and adaptable actor.

Where was Mayflies filmed?

The series was filmed in Scotland.

Final Words

The friendship has grown strong over the years and distance, forged by shared youthful achievements, a shared love for culture, and a steadfast commitment to avoid emulating their fathers. However, they are now confronted with the most challenging test of their pledge, pushing their friendship, love, and loyalty to their utmost limits.

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