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The TV show Mayflies will be on Acorn TV in October 2023, and it’s a story about close friendships and the things we do for the people we love. You can watch Mayflies in Australia starting on October 30, 2023. If you missed it when it first came out on BBC iPlayer on 27 December 2022, here’s your chance to watch it again.

The show is about Jimmy and Tully, best friends who reunite when Tully gets very sick. They spend time together and remember the fun times they had in the 1980s. “Mayflies” is like a tribute to the ups and downs of being young, and it has cool music from that time.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Mayflies In Australia

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Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Mayflies In Australia?

You might need a VPN to watch Mayflies in Australia because Acorn TV often have regional restrictions on content. If the limited series is not available in your country’s library, using a VPN can help you connect to a server in a location where it is accessible, allowing you to watch the show as if you were in that region. It’s a useful tool to bypass geo-restrictions and access content from different parts of the world while maintaining your online privacy and security.

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Release Date of Mayflies

Acorn TV will premiere Mayflies on October 30, 2023. Remember to see the emotionally charged and tragic drama series about two buddies.

Where To Stream Mayflies In Australia?

Following are the streaming platforms in which Mayflies is available to watch. To access both services you need a VPN service because both have regional restrictions.

On Acorn TV:

Release Date 30 October 2023
Streaming ChannelAcorn TV
IMDB Rating7.6/10
Genre Drama
Subscription PriceAU $10.99/ Month

On BBC iPlayer:

Release Date 27 December 2023
Streaming ChannelBBC iPlayer
IMDB Rating7.6/10
Genre Drama

The BBC drama series Mayflies aired its two back to back episodes on BBC One at 9:00 pm on 28 December 2023. So let’s have a look at the subscription prices of BBC iPlayer

Subscription PlanPrice in AUD
Yearly TV License Fee$273.43
Weekly Cost$5.19
Monthly Cost$22.53 

Official Synopsis

“A friendship forged between James and Tully in a small Scottish town in 1986. One weekend, they make a vow to each other to go at life differently. But then, 30 years on, half a life away, the phone rings. Tully has the worst kind of news.”


Watch Mayflies Oficial Trailer

Check out the trailer below.

Everything You Need To Know About Mayflies

Based on a book by Andrew O’Hagan, the TV show “Mayflies” tells the story of two best friends, Jimmy and Tully. They became friends when they were young because they both loved music and movies in their small Scottish town. Now, after 30 years, Tully is very sick with cancer and wants to end his life with help in Switzerland. He asks Jimmy to be there with him.

This is a really hard decision for Jimmy, and he has to think a lot about it. While they make this tough choice, they also remember a special weekend they had in Manchester when they were teenagers. They made promises about what they wanted to do with their lives.

Their friendship has stayed strong over the years, even though they’ve been far apart sometimes. They both had good times when they were young, loved art and culture, and didn’t want to be like their dads. But now, they have to face the hardest test of their promise, and it’s going to test how much they really care about each other.

Meet the Cast of Mayflies

Official Name Character Name
Martin CompstonJimmy
Tony CurranTully
Ashley JensenAnna
Matt LittlesonLimbo
Cal MacAninch Tibbs
Elaine C SmithBarbara
Shauna MacdonaldFiona
Colin McCredieScott
Charlene Boydyoung Barbara
Tom Glynn-CarneyYoung Tully

Episodes Guide of Mayflies

It consists of two episodes.

Episode 1 | 30 October 2023

The 30-year friendship between Tully and Jimmy is put to the test when Tully asks Jimmy to take charge of his terminal cancer diagnosis by bringing him to Switzerland so he can pass away according to his wishes.

Episode 2 | 31 October 2023

Jimmy is preoccupied with moral quandaries while organizing the trip to Switzerland, but tensions rise when Anna, Tully’s wife, learns of the plot and says she will not condone her husband’s assisted suicide.

Critic Review On Mayflies

“Mayflies is both brutal and warm, particularly in its depiction of male friendship, portrayed as something as significant as romantic love.”

The Age (Australia)

Fan Reaction On Mayflies


Is Mayflies a true story?

The series is based on a fictional book with made-up characters, the book was inspired by O’Hagan’s real-life boyhood buddy Keith Martin, who passed away from cancer in 2018.

What is the duration of Mayflies?

Each episode is 52 minutes long.

Is Mayflies season 2 is coming?

It is not announced by the officials we will update you as soon as we get the information.

Wrap Up

Their friendship has deepened over the years and across distances, solidified by mutual triumphs in their youth, a mutual passion for the arts, and a resolute determination to avoid repeating the mistakes of their fathers. Yet, they now face the most arduous trial of their pact, straining the boundaries of their friendship, love, and loyalty to their absolute breaking point.

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