Unlock the Drama: Watch ‘Love After Lockup’ Season 5 on WE TV Outside USA

Are you ready to embark on an international journey of love, drama, and unexpected twists? Watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on WE TV outside USA as it is is here to take you on an exhilarating ride beyond the prison walls. While the show has garnered a massive fan base in the USA. The good news is that the ones outside the country who are eager to witness the emotional roller-coaster of these couples can also stream the show anywhere outside the USA with a VPN!

WE TV, known for its engaging and unscripted reality shows, has become a household name in the world of entertainment. The network offers a diverse range of programming that celebrates the complexities of human relationships, and Love After Lockup is a prime example of their riveting storytelling.

Mark your calendars because Love After Lockup Season 5 is set to premiere on WE tv. The upcoming season is scheduled to debut on Friday, September 15, 2023, at 9/8c. So, get ready to be transported into the world of these couples as they navigate their relationships.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on WE tv Outside US

Follow these simple steps to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 outside US

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to WE tv

  5. Watch Love After Lockup on WE tv

Why Do We Need A VPN To Watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on WE tv Outside US?

Viewers outside the USA might wonder why a VPN is essential to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on WE tv. The reason lies in regional restrictions placed on streaming platforms. WE tv, like many other streaming services, limits access to its content based on the user’s geographic location.

To bypass these restrictions and enjoy the captivating tales of love found in Love After Lockup, a VPN becomes a valuable tool. By using a VPN, viewers can virtually relocate their internet connection to the USA, granting them access to WE tv’s content library, regardless of their actual location. It’s a simple and effective way to unlock the world of “Love After Lockup” for international audiences.

Where To Watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on WE tv Outside US?

WE TV is the primary platform to stream Love After Lockup Season 5 online. This popular channel has gained recognition for its unscripted reality shows that delve into the intricacies of human relationships. WE tv offers a variety of subscription plans, making it accessible to a wide audience. The network is known for creating an inclusive experience across all platforms, including TV, online streaming, on-demand services, and social media, making it convenient for viewers to engage with their favorite content

Where to Watch Love After Lockup Season 5 Other Than WE TV

If you’re looking to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 other than WE tv, there are a couple of alternative platforms where you can catch this thrilling series:

How to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on Amazon Prime?

Love After Lockup Season 5 may be available for purchase or rental on Amazon Prime Video. Check the platform for episode availability and pricing options. Amazon Prime Video often offers the best Amazon movies and Amazon shows along with the latest episodes of popular TV shows for viewers to enjoy on-demand.

How to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on ALLBLK?

In addition to WE tv, you can also stream Love After Lockup Season 5 on the AMC streaming service ALLBLK. This platform offers a wide range of content, including the latest episodes of this reality series. Tune in to ALLBLK to follow the captivating journeys of the couples featured in the show.

How to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is known for its vast library of content, and you might find episodes or highlights of Love After Lockup Season 5 on YouTube TV. Other than this particular show, you can watch the best movies while on a Youtube TV free trial or with YouTube TV subscription plan!

Best VPNs to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on WE TV Outside US

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Get a Glimpse of Love After Lockup Trailer

What is Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup is a reality TV show where couples meet their potential future spouses for the first time once the bars are removed from the relationship. The series showcases the raw and emotional journeys of these couples as they navigate love, doubts, and unforeseen circumstances after their partners are released from prison. The show airs on WE tv and is also available on the AMC streaming service ALLBLK.

When is the Release Date of Season 5?

The much-anticipated season 5 of Love After Lockup premieres on Friday, September 15, 2023, at 9/8c. The episodes are also available every Tuesday on WE tv.

Who are the Couples in Season 5?

Season 5 introduces us to seven new couples, including five fan-favorite cast members from Love After Lockup. The couples include:

Melissa & Louie
Britney & Kerok
Raneka & Asonta
Brittney & Andy
Chelsea & Michael
Joynomi & Redd
Sharae & Anthony

Love After Lockup Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 | New Beginnings and Shocking Revelations

In the season opener, Andrea leaves her friends stunned with a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Michael plans a surprise for Megan but finds himself being grilled on his past infidelities. Lacey receives startling texts that set the stage for a season filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Episode 2 | Firestorm of Rage

Tensions escalate as Michael faces Megan’s dad, leading to an explosive confrontation. Shane catches Lacey in a lie, igniting a firestorm of rage. Tony’s betrayal adds fuel to the fire, promising viewers a series of dramatic developments as relationships are put to the test.

Episode 3 | Surprises and Drastic Actions

Sarah takes drastic action in a bid to control the unfolding chaos. Megan’s snooping through Michael’s phone leads to a shocking discovery, and she finds herself stunned by a surprise visitor. Meanwhile, Cheryl shares a revelation, and Lamar faces an icy reception, adding to the series of unexpected events.

Episode 4 | Confrontations and Revelations

The drama continues as Michael confronts Roc in a heated exchange. Megan gives an ultimatum with significant consequences, shaking the foundations of their relationship. Shane is left stunned by Lacey’s revelation, while Cheryl and Josh find their way back to each other. Clint spills secrets, adding more spice to the already sizzling plot.

Episode 5 | Shocking Secrets and Legal Alarms

Andrea and Lamar reveal a shocking secret to their kids, creating a ripple effect of reactions. Sarah stuns Michael with phone records, bringing past issues to the forefront. Clint finds himself alarmed by a lawyer, introducing a legal twist to the unfolding drama.

Episode 6 | Ultimatums and Spy Games

In this episode, Michael’s reunion with Sarah and the kids takes an unexpected turn. Clint’s mom gives a shocking ultimatum, adding to the series of dramatic events. Angela takes on the role of a spy, keeping a close eye on her fiancé Tony, setting the stage for more drama and suspense.

Episode 07 | Life After Lockup: Con-Fessions

Sarah faces off with Michael & an explosive confrontation erupts. Maria makes a big threat. Shane’s shocking confession. Andrea drops.

Episode 8 | Life After Lockup: Risky Business

Lacey risks all with a sexy secret rendezvous. Sarah’s revelation stuns Michael. Andrea makes a startling discovery & explodes on.

Episode 9 | Life After Lockup: Royal Flush

Lacey’s revelation stuns dad. Sarah makes Michael a surprising offer that may threaten his relationship with Maria. Tracie’s frantic call.

How well did Love After Lockup do in the ratings?

IMDB Ratings6.7/10

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What is the premise of Love After Lockup?

The show follows couples who met while one partner was incarcerated, showcasing their journey as they experience freedom and navigate new relationships.

Can I watch Love After Lockup on YouTube TV?

Yes, the show is also available on Youtube TV, where viewers can follow the couples as they experience first-time, nerve-wracking moments outside prison.

Who are the producers of the show?

The series is produced by Sharp Entertainment, a part of Sony Pictures Television, with Matt Sharp, Dan Adler, Sophie Mallam, and Alan Madison as the executive producers.


Love After Lockup Season 5 promises to take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as you witness the raw and real journeys of couples finding love in the most unexpected places. Don’t miss out on this sensational series and subscribe to WE tv to watch Love After Lockup Season 5 on WE TV Outside US

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