Watch ‘Big Brother Australia 2023’ Season 15 on Channel 7 for FREE in USA

The spicy series has returned to the Aussie screens! As the calendar flips to the latter part of the year, reality TV fans are buzzing with excitement for the return of one of the most engaging reality competition. Big Brother Australia 2023 is set to hit screens on 6th November 2023 on 7 Plus with a fresh batch of housemates, ready to live under one roof, outplay each other in strategic games. This year,  Sonia Kruger will be returning as the host, and many contestants like Jake big brother 2023 will be a part of the . Watch Big brother Australia 2023 in USA for FREE

This season promises more twists, more drama, and more romance, all under the watchful eyes of not just Big Brother, but an international audience as well. Whether you’re in the sun-kissed climes of Australia or across the Pacific in the USA, gearing up to watch “Big Brother Australia” has never been more thrilling. With the right tools and a bit of insider know-how, you won’t have to miss a single moment of the action, no matter where you are in the world.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Big Brother Australia 2023 in USA

Follow these simple steps to watch Big Brother Australia 2023 in USA

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the AU

  4. Login to 7 Plus

  5. Watch Big Brother Australia 2023 on 7 Plus

Where to Watch Big Brother Australia

For viewers in Australia, Big Brother Australia 2023 will be broadcast on Channel Seven and available for streaming on 7Plus. International audiences, particularly those in the USA, can watch the show by using a VPN to access 7Plus, which will stream the episodes live and on-demand.

When to Watch Big Brother Australia 2023

The show premieres on November 6, 2023, and will air from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 PM. Additionally, “Big Brother Uncut” will offer an unfiltered look at the housemates’ interactions each week after the Thursday night episode.

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Release Date of Big Brother Australia 2023

The much-anticipated “Big Brother Australia 2023” is set to premiere on November 6, 2023, with episodes airing four nights a week.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Big Brother Australia 2023

Due to geo-restrictions, Big Brother Australia is not directly accessible to viewers outside Australia. A VPN allows international fans to bypass these restrictions by connecting to an Australian server, making it appear as if they are browsing from within the country, thus gaining access to 7Plus where the show is streamed.

Who is the host of Big Brother Australia 2023

Sonia Melissa Kruger will be the host of Big Brother 2023 Season 15. Sonia Melissa is an esteemed Australian television host, actress, and media figure, recognized with a prestigious Gold Logie Award. With a media career spanning over two decades, Kruger has become a familiar face on Australian television. She currently presides as the host of “Big Brother Australia” and serves as a presenter on The Voice Australia. Kruger gained widespread recognition for her role as Tina Sparkle in the 1992 film “Strictly Ballroom” and as a co-host on the Australian rendition of “Dancing with the Stars.” Additionally, she has co-hosted the morning show “Today Extra.”

Kruger’s tenure at the Seven Network has seen her contribute to a variety of major events, including the Olympics, the Melbourne Cup, and the Australian Open. Her contributions to Australian television were honored in 2023 when she received the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality. Despite her success, Kruger has faced controversy for certain remarks she has made about immigrants and Muslims during her career.

Trailor of Big Brother Australia 2023

The comments reflect a mix of skepticism and amusement regarding the casting and format of BBU. Some users express a preference for more “normal everyday people” as contestants, comparing the current lineup unfavorably to the UK version, which they feel became too focused on fame-obsessed individuals. Some also express how its “Love Island with an eye.”

Ziggy Liggy and Rob wood seem to appreciate the format, with Ziggy calling it “superior” and Rob describing it as “wild.” In contrast, REGINA SORENSEN notes that the show is quite different from any previous iterations of “Big Brother.” Wig and Justin S’s comments are more critical, with Wig comparing it to “Love Island” and Justin S simply responding with a disgusted emoji, indicating disapproval.

About Big Brother Australia 2023

In October 2022, the Seven Network made the announcement that Big Brother was set for a comeback with its fifteenth installment. Initially dubbed “Big Brother: House of Love,” the season was promoted as focusing on a youthful, attractive group of singles on the quest for romance. However, this direction faced backlash on social media, with viewers advocating for a revival of the show’s original format. In response to the feedback, the House of Love concept was removed from the title.

Production commenced on October 31, 2022, and upon wrapping up, the network rebranded the series as the “spiciest yet,” emphasizing a return to a more classic “Big Brother” experience with a younger cast. Additionally, the network confirmed the return of the companion series “Big Brother Uncut,” which had been off the air for seventeen years since its last appearance in the show’s sixth season. This upcoming season is set to be the briefest civilian run in the history of “Big Brother Australia,” lasting just 25 days.

Big Brother Australia 2023 contestants

This season features fifteen new housemates, including a unique twist with a set of sisters playing as one. The full list of contestants has not been released yet, but promotional materials promise a diverse and engaging cast all vying for the grand prize of $100,000 and perhaps stumbling upon romance along the way. Here’s a glimpse at the eclectic mix of contestants.

  • Minnie Marx is buzzing with anticipation for her stint on the show, teasing a season filled with steamy and sensational moments.
  • Josh Everett, a model by profession, may use his charm as a strategy, but it remains to be seen how he’ll manage the close-knit living situation with his fellow contestants.
  • Taylah Davies brings a blend of beauty and brains to the house; as a savvy sheep farmer and devoted single mother, she’s not afraid to dive into the competition.
  • Jake Vella, the playful Victorian carpenter, plans to keep the atmosphere light, often with minimal attire and a healthy dose of humor.
  • Anna-Sophia Lambrou, at 30, is a connoisseur of luxury fashion management, aiming to navigate the game with grace and strategic social maneuvers to dodge eviction.
  • Luke Hallinan brings a touch of sensitive authenticity to the mix, hoping to forge strong bonds within the house.
  • Annalise Drake, a 24-year-old Pilates instructor, intends to maintain an air of mystery, playing hard to get while supporting her housemates.
  • Zach Davis, a country-bred professional painter, is ready to end his romantic drought and share his comedic side. Quan, one of the more mature contestants, is unapologetically outspoken, unconcerned with others’ perceptions.
  • Louis Phillips, a 24-year-old Social Media Manager, brings emotional intelligence and a kind-hearted approach to the competition.
  • Graciemae Sinclair, also 24, works as a Personal Assistant and claims psychic talents, and has connections with the Sebastian family.
  • Dion Prasad, a 26-year-old former male stripper turned lighting designer, is all set to bring a fun-loving spirit to the house.
  • Tay and Ari, social media influencers hailing from Queensland, are prepared to shake things up, operating as a single contestant entity.
  • Lastly, Lewis Beers, a sweet-talking carpenter, defies traditional gender roles, equally at ease with a makeup brush or a football in hand.

Where is big brother Australia filmed?

The contemporary version of the reality series is produced in a custom-designed studio, moving away from the original Big Brother house located at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, which was used in the initial series.

Big Brother Australia 2023 Episode Guide

While a detailed episode guide will be released closer to the premiere, viewers can expect regular episodes filled with challenges, evictions, and special segments that delve deeper into the housemates’ strategies and relationships.

Ratings of Big Brother Australia 2023

As the season has not yet aired, official ratings are not available. However, the series has historically been a strong performer, and expectations are high for the 2023 season.

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Reviews of Big Brother Australia 2023

Reviews will be available once the season has commenced. Critics and fans alike are eager to see how the new elements will play out and whether the season will live up to its promise of being the most thrilling yet.

What else to watch on 7 Plus


When to Watch Big Brother Australia 2023

The show premieres on November 6, 2023, and will air from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 PM.

What channel is Big Brother on?

The Big Brother Australia 2023 is available to stream on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Is Big Brother Australia 2023 cancelled?

No big brother Australia is not cancelled

Who is the voice of big brother Australia?

Earlier reports have indicated that the voice behind Big Brother is by Chris Coucouvinis.

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