Top 20 best Drama Shows Streaming on 7plus in 2023

Are you a fan of drama shows and looking for something new to stream? Look no further than 7Plus, where you can find a variety of captivating drama series. Whether you’re into crime, romance, or family dramas, 7Plus has got you covered. From popular Australian productions to international hits, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best drama shows to stream on 7Plus in 2023, so you can dive into some of the most gripping and captivating stories available.

  1. Shameless (2011-2021)
  2. Boston Legal (2004-2008)
  3. Fringe (2008-2013)
  4. Call the Midwife (2012-present)
  5. Doc Martin (2004-present)
  6. The Shield (2002-2008)
  7. Rescue Me (2004-2011)
  8. Person of Interest (2011-2016)
  9. Southland (2009-2013)
  10. Longmire (2012-2017)
  11. Foyle’s War (2002-2015)
  12. Kingdom (2014-2017)
  13. A Place to Call Home (2013-2018)
  14. Hell on Wheels (2011-2016)
  15. Wire in the Blood (2002-2008)
  16. Prison Break (2005-2009, 2017)
  17. Bodies (2004-2006)
  18. My So-Called Life (1994-1995)
  19. Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip (2019-present)
  20. Maternal (2023-present)

 Shameless (2011-2021)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Paul Abbott11Comedy-dramaWilliam H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Ethan Cutkosky8.6/10

Shameless follows the dysfunctional Gallagher family as they navigate life on the fringes of society in Chicago’s South Side. The patriarch of the family, Frank Gallagher, is a single father and an alcoholic who spends most of his time in a drunken stupor. The eldest daughter, Fiona, takes on the role of caretaker for her younger siblings while trying to keep the family afloat financially. 

With a mix of humor and heartbreak, Shameless explores the struggles and triumphs of a family just trying to survive.

Boston Legal (2004-2008)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
David E. Kelley5Drama, Comedy, CrimeJames Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen8.5/10

Drama series that follows the story of eccentric lawyer Alan Shore and his colleagues at the law firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt.

 The show explores various legal themes such as morality, ethics, and justice, and is known for its witty humor and unique characters. Alan Shore, played by James Spader, is a charismatic and unorthodox lawyer who often goes against convention to fight for his clients’ rights.

Fringe (2008-2013)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
J.J. Abrams5Drama, Mystery, Sci-FiAnna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble8.4/10

Fringe  is a sci-fi mystery series that follows FBI agent Olivia Dunham, who is tasked with investigating a series of bizarre and unexplainable phenomena. 

Along with her team, which includes eccentric scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter, Olivia delves into the world of fringe science, encountering alternate universes, shape-shifters, and other strange phenomena. The show explores complex themes of morality, identity, and the nature of reality.

Call the Midwife (2012-present)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating

Heidi Thomas
15Drama, HistoryVanessa Redgrave, Jenny Agutter, Laura Main8.6/10

Call the Midwife is a period drama set in 1950s East End London, following a group of midwives and nuns who work at a nursing convent. The show explores issues related to childbirth, women’s health, and social justice, and features a diverse cast of strong and complex female characters.

 The lead character is young midwife Jenny Lee, who arrives at the convent eager to gain experience and make a difference in the lives of the women she serves. Over the course of the series, Jenny and her colleagues face numerous challenges and personal struggles, but their dedication and compassion for their patients never wavers.

Doc Martin (2004-2022)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Dominic Minghella, Mark Crowdy10Comedy, Drama, RomanceMartin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice8.4/10

Doc Martin is a British medical drama that follows the life of Dr. Martin Ellingham, a successful London surgeon who develops a fear of blood and is forced to move to a small seaside town in Cornwall to work as a general practitioner. 

Despite his gruff demeanor and lack of bedside manner, Martin becomes a respected member of the community, often going above and beyond to care for his patients. Along the way, he navigates the challenges of small-town life and develops a relationship with the schoolteacher, Louisa Glasson.

The Shield (2002-2008)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Shawn Ryan7Crime, Drama, Thriller Michael Chiklis, Walton Goggins,, Michael Jace8.7/10

The Shield is a police drama series that follows the story of a group of police officers in the fictional Farmington district of Los Angeles.

 The show explores various themes such as corruption, loyalty, and morality, and is known for its gritty realism and intense action. The main character, Detective Vic Mackey, is a controversial figure who struggles to balance his duty as a police officer with his desire for power and control.

Rescue Me (2004-2011)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Denis Leary, Peter Tolan7Drama, ComedyDenis Leary, Michael Lombardi, Steven Pasquale8.3/10

Rescue Me follows New York City firefighter Tommy Gavin, who struggles to cope with the aftermath of the September 11 attacks and the loss of his friends and colleagues in the line of duty. He also deals with personal demons, including alcoholism, infidelity, and PTSD. 

The show explores the camaraderie and brotherhood of the firehouse, as well as the toll that the job takes on the firefighters and their families. Tommy must navigate his relationships with his fellow firefighters, his ex-wife, and his children, as he tries to keep himself and others from spiraling out of control.

Person of Interest (2011-2016)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Jonathan Nolan5Action, Crime, DramaJim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman8.5/10

It features the collaboration of a former CIA agent and a wealthy individual, who leverage a sophisticated computer system capable of predicting violent crimes before they happen. However, in their quest to intervene before tragedies occur, they are drawn into a bigger conspiracy that endangers their lives and those of people close to them. The series’ mix of action, intrigue, and ethical considerations around artificial intelligence and surveillance earned it a dedicated following throughout its five seasons.

Southland (2009-2013)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Ann Biderman5Crime, Drama, ThrillerMichael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, Regina King8.5/10

Southland is a gritty police drama that takes an unflinching look at the lives of Los Angeles police officers as they navigate the dangerous and complex world of law enforcement. The show follows a diverse group of cops, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as they investigate crimes, deal with difficult suspects, and try to maintain some semblance of a personal life outside of work. 

Southland tackles tough issues such as police brutality, corruption, and racism, providing a realistic and nuanced portrayal of the challenges facing law enforcement in the 21st century.

Longmire (2012-2017)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny6Crime drama, ActionRobert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips8.3/10

Longmire is a crime drama series that follows the story of Sheriff Walt Longmire as he navigates through the challenges of law enforcement in the rural town of Absaroka County, Wyoming. 

 The main character, Sheriff Longmire, is a no-nonsense lawman who is haunted by the death of his wife and strives to bring justice to his community.

Foyle’s War (2002-2015)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Anthony Horowitz8Crime, Drama, MysteryMichael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Howell8.6/10

Foyle’s War is a British detective drama set during World War II, following Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle as he solves crimes while navigating the challenges of wartime England. 

Foyle is a reserved and meticulous detective who relies on his keen observational skills to solve cases, often finding himself at odds with his superiors and the military establishment. With his sharp mind and unwavering dedication to justice, Foyle proves to be a formidable force in a time of great uncertainty and chaos.

Kingdom (2014-2017)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Byron Balasco3Drama, SportFrank Grillo, Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria8.5/10

Set in the world of mixed martial arts, Kingdom is a gritty drama that follows a retired fighter turned gym owner, Alvey Kulina, as he trains a group of up-and-coming fighters while dealing with his own personal demons.

 Along the way, he must navigate the complex relationships between his family and his fighters, and the high-stakes world of the fight game.

A Place to Call Home (2013-2018)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Bevan Lee6DramaMarta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo8.3/10

A Place to Call Home is an Australian period drama set in the 1950s that follows the lives of the wealthy Bligh family and their servants in rural New South Wales. The story revolves around Sarah Adams, a nurse with a mysterious past who arrives in town and becomes embroiled in the secrets and scandals of the Bligh family. As she becomes more deeply entwined in their lives, Sarah must confront her own demons and navigate the complexities of class and social hierarchy in a changing world.

With stunning visuals and captivating performances, A Place to Call Home offers a rich and compelling exploration of family, love, and loss.

Hell on Wheels (2011-2016)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Joe Gayton, Tony Gayton5Drama, WesternAnson Mount, Colm Meaney, Robin McLeavy8.3/10

 Hell on Wheels follows former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, who seeks revenge on the Union soldiers responsible for the murder of his wife during the Civil War. He takes a job as a foreman on the Union Pacific Railroad’s transcontinental railroad construction project, which takes him through the American West and introduces him to various characters with their own agendas. Cullen must navigate the dangerous and violent world of the railroad while dealing with his own demons and inner turmoil.

Wire in the Blood (2002-2008)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Val McDermid6Crime, Drama, MysteryRobson Green, Mark Letheren, Emma Handy8.3/10

Wire in the Blood is a British crime drama centered around clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill, who uses his expertise to assist the police in solving complex and violent crimes. Hill is a brilliant but troubled character, haunted by his past and grappling with his own psychological demons. 

His work with the police exposes him to the darkest corners of the human psyche, and he often finds himself on the brink of unraveling as he delves deeper into the minds of killers.

 Prison Break (2005-2009)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Paul Scheuring5Action, Crime, DramaWentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Amaury8.3/10

Michael Scofield, a brilliant engineer, gets himself incarcerated in a maximum-security prison to break out his brother, who has been wrongly accused of murder. Using his wits and intelligence, Michael devises a complex plan to escape the prison and clear his brother’s name. The show is full of twists and turns as the brothers and their allies evade the authorities and outsmart their enemies.

Bodies (2004-2006)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCast IMDb Rating
Jed Mercurio2DramaTamzin Malleson, Max Beesley, Keith Allen8.4/10

A British medical drama series that follows the story of young medical students and their mentors as they navigate through the challenges and complexities of working in the healthcare industry.

  The main character, Rob Lake, is a junior doctor who learns to navigate the politics and bureaucracy of the healthcare system while trying to maintain his integrity.

My So-Called Life (1994-1995)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Winnie Holzman1Comedy, Drama, RomanceClaire Danes, Bess Armstrong, Wilson Cruz8.4/10

My So-Called Life is a coming-of-age drama that follows high school student Angela Chase as she navigates the challenges of adolescence and tries to find her place in the world. 

The show explores themes of identity, sexuality, family dynamics, and social norms, as Angela grapples with the pressures of fitting in with her peers and the expectations of her parents. Along the way, she develops close relationships with her best friend Rayanne and the mysterious and rebellious Jordan Catalano.

Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip (2019-present)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating
Chris Richards3Adventure, Comedy, Reality-TVGordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo, Fred Sirieix8.4/10

Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip is a travelogue and culinary adventure series featuring celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo, and Fred Sirieix as they journey across Europe in search of new culinary experiences. 

The trio is a dynamic mix of personalities, with Ramsay’s fiery and competitive nature, D’Acampo’s charm and humor, and Sirieix’s sophistication and joie de vivre. As they explore different cuisines and cultures, they also develop a strong bond and a sense of camaraderie, making for a delightful and entertaining viewing experience.

Maternal (2023-present)

CreatorTotal SeasonsGenreCastIMDb Rating

Jacqui Honess-Martin
1DramaParminder Nagra, Lara Pulver, Lisa McGrillis7.7/10

The storyline of “Maternal” revolves around three doctors who return to the front lines of medicine after a period of maternity leave following the pandemic.

As they navigate the challenges of being new mothers and healthcare professionals, the doctors must also confront the devastating impact of the pandemic on the healthcare system and their patients. 


In conclusion, 7Plus is an excellent platform for drama enthusiasts looking for new shows to stream. With a diverse selection of genres and series, viewers are sure to find something that interests them.  7Plus has a variety of quality drama shows available to stream. Don’t forget, with 7Plus, you can watch from anywhere, so you won’t have to miss an episode of your favorite drama series.

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