20 Best Crime Shows On 7plus

Suspense, corruption, and detective drama are what makes crime shows gripping and realistic. If you love shows exploring the dark and unsettling world of crime, this list of the best 7plus crime shows will serve you well. 

7plus crime shows are the hub of series that stars gangster, detectives, and their complex lives. Every show delves deep into the complexity of the plot and presents viewers with edge-of-seat content. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of 20 best crime shows on 7plus!

Homicide: With Ron Iddles

DirectorJohn Mavety
Release DateAugust 15, 2021
StarsJerome Pride, John Hadchiti, Shane Hunt
GenreCrime, Documentary
IMDb Rating9/10 

In this exciting and crime-solving watch Ron Iddles who is also known as “Australia’s Greatest Detective” takes the viewer on a startling and terrifying yet engaging journey. He unfolds his cases in the most fascinating manner using interviews, role play, and of course footage from the original cases. 

The Shield

DirectorsGuy Ferland, Scott Brazil, Clark Johnson
Release DateMarch 12, 2002
StarsMichael Chiklis, Walton Goggins, Jay Karnes, Catherine Dent
GenreCrime, Action, Drama
IMDb Rating8.7/10

The Shield revolves around detective Vic Mackey and his Strike Team. Throughout the show, viewers are entertained by the noir aesthetics and complex ethical and moral issues. Vic Mackey, which is played by, Michael Chiklis employs controversial and contentious methods to fight crime. 

Foyle’s War

DirectorsJeremy Silberston, Stuart Orne, Gavin Millar
Release DateOctober 27, 2002
StarsMichael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Howel
GenreCrime, Detective drama, War
IMDb Rating8.6/10

Set in the 1940s, Foyle’s war is a show which transports the viewers to world war II. Christopher Foyle is a detective who is quiet and seeks justice. His tenacious and methodical approach comes in handy while catching criminals. All in all the mystery-packed show is a treat for people who love to see crimes solved. 

Boston Legal 

DirectorsMike Lisito, Bill D’Elia
Release DateOctober 3, 2004
StarsJames Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen
GenreCrime, Drama, Comedy
IMDb Rating8.5/10

Boston Legal is a spin-off of the 1997 series The Practice. Just like cigars and whisky, the rivalry of best friend lawyers Alan Shore and Danny Crane is a recurring theme of the show. The cunningness and eccentricity of both characters make it impossible for the viewers to take their eyes off them. 

Person of Interest

DirectorsChris Fisher, Richard J.Lewis, Frederick E.O. Toye
Release DateSeptember 22, 2011
StarsJim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson
GenreSci-Fi, Crime, Drama
IMDb Rating8.5/10

“The Machine” a computer program developed by a billionaire programmer, Harold Finch, can prevent terrorist movements and attacks. With the partnership of John Reese, a former CIA operative, now living as a homeless, both of them with the help of their friends work to fight terrorism and save lives. 


DirectorsChristopher Chulack, Nelson McCormick
Release DateApril 9, 2009
StarsMichael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, Regina King
IMDb Rating8.5/10

A realistic depiction of the lives of LAPD police officers and detectives. The crime drama deals with the personal and professional lives of the characters. 

Wire in the Blood

DirectorsAndrew Grieve, Peter Hoar, Declan O’Dwyer
Release DateNovember 14, 2002
StarsRobson Green, Mark Letheren, Emma Handy
GenrePsychological thriller, Crime 
IMDb Rating8.3/10

It’s always fun and thrilling to watch when psychology and crime meet. Psychologist, Dr.Tony Hill uses unconventional methods while dealing with crime and criminals. The insight into the minds of killers and horrifying murderers makes the show a must-watch. 

Prison Break

DirectorsBobby Roth, Kevin Hooks, Dwight H. Little
Release DateAugust 29, 2005
StarsDominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Robert Knepper
GenreAction, Crime, Mystery
IMDb Rating8.3/10

Prison break is a story of a wrongly convicted man, Lincoln Burrows, who is sent to jail. His brother, Michael Scofield, schemes and lays out an escape plan to rescue his brother. 


DirectorsJ.Michael Muro, Christopher Chulack, Michael Offer
Release DateJune 3, 2012
StarsRobert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips
GenreCrime, Western
IMDb Rating8.3/10

What’s better than a crime show? A western crime drama. Walt Longmire, a wounded, devoted, and charming, Sheriff is recovering from his wife’s death. The show takes a promising turn when Longmire decides to run for the election and in his opposition runs a young deputy named Branch. Moreover, the viewers will also see Walt Longmire’s professional and personal sides battling his thoughts and crimes of the external world. 

Blue Murder

DirectorsJuliet may, Paul Wroblewski
Release DateMay 18, 2003
StarsCaroline Quentin, Ian Kelsey, Paul Loughran
GenreCrime, Mystery
IMDb Rating7.3/10

DCI Janine lewis is a single mother who is shown as the leader of her team. The show displays the challenges Janine faces in solving crimes and at the same time raising four children. 

Murdoch Mysteries

DirectorsHarvey Crossland, Laurie Lynd, Peter Mitchell
Release DateJanuary 24, 2008
StarsYannick Bisson, Helene Joy, Thomas Craig
GenreCrime, Drama
IMDb Rating8.2/10

Set in the 1890s, William Murdoch, a detective introduces scientific ways to catch the criminal. He employs methods such as fingerprints which were revolutionary and unconventional in the late 1800s. Detective Murdoch is accompanied by Dr. Julia Ogden and Constable George Crabtree. 

Between Black and Blue

DirectorSheldon Wilson
Release DateMay 25, 2021
StarsRick Suvalle, Michael Borrelli, Mike Borrelli
GenreDocumentary, Crime
IMDb Rating8.2/10

Between Black and Blue is a crime documentary that digs into the lives of two NYC detectives who are arrested for the murder. The two detectives then begin to get back their reputation to clear their names. 


DirectorsAlrick Riley, Otto Bathurst
Release DateJanuary 14, 2006
StarsRobert Glenister, Robert Vaughn, Jaime Murray, Marc Warren
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
IMDb Rating8.2/10

Hustle is a show which won’t let you do anything else while you’re watching it. Hustle is a show about con artists who are masters in their skills. Mickey, the group leader, lays out plans each week and the rest of the team acts upon them. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

DirectorsDavid Platt, Jean de Segonzac
Release DateSeptember 20, 1999
StarsMariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, Ice-T
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
IMDb Rating8.1/10

Special Victims Unit is a squad trained and prepared to fight and solve the sexual crimes. The SVU deals with the crimes by using their extraordinary skills to investigate heinous felonies. 


DirectorsTodd A. Kessler, Matthew Penn
Release DateJuly 24, 2007
StarsRose Byrne, Glenn Close, Tate Donovan
GenreCrime, Mystery
IMDb Rating8.1/10

A legal thriller that revolves around Patty Hewes, a ruthless litigator, and Ellen Parsons. Ellen is a law school graduate who begins to work for Patty Hewes making her Patty’s protégée. In every season Patty’s law firm works on a big case. Moreover, the show also portrays the complexity and building tension between Ellen and Petty.

Inspector George Gently

DirectorsCiaran Donelly, Daniel O’Hara
Release DateApril 8, 2007
StarsMartin Shaw, Lee Ingleby, Simon Hubbard
GenreCrime, Drama
IMDb Rating8.1/10

A Scotland-yard detective who with Detective John Bacchus tracks down the criminals. As the series progresses the cases get complicated. With every new season, a new case awaits Inspector George Gently. 


DirectorsLouis Choquette, Erik Canuel
Release DateJanuary 28, 2014
StarsJared Keeso, Adrian Holmes, Dan Petronijevic
GenreCrime, Drama
IMDb Rating8.1/10

19-2 focuses on the life of two beat cops, Nick Barron, and Ben Chartier. Two people with entirely different personalities are made partners. This difference in their personality gives way to many things including mistrust and later on respect for each other. Overall, the show looks deep into the character and presents a worthy-to-watch police drama.

Chicago P.D.

DirectorsMark Tinker, Eriq La Salle
Release DateJanuary 8, 2014
StarsJason Beghe, Patrick John Flueger, Marina Squerciati
GenreCrime, action, thriller
IMDb Rating8.1/10

Chicago P.D is a police drama that displays the Chicago Police Department of District 21. The show is entertaining to watch as it focuses on two types of cops, uniformed ones who are street-smart and tackle crimes on the street. Then there’s the intelligence unit which specializes in high-profile crimes like drug trafficking and homicides. 

Forensic Investigators

DirectorsPhillip Swain, Rowan Jacob
Release DateAugust 18, 2004
StarsLisa McCune, Rick Cosnett
GenreCrime documentary
IMDb Rating8.1/10

Lisa McCune hosts the documentary which shows viewers how the notorious murders were done and then, later on, investigated and solved by police. 

How to Get Away with Murder

DirectorsBill D’Elia, Stephen Cragg
Release DateSeptember 25, 2014
StarsViola Davis, Billy Brown, Aja Naomi King, Jack Falahee
GenreCrime, Mystery, Thriller
IMDb Rating8.1/10

The Oscar, Emmy, and Tony-winning actress Viola Davis star as Annalise Keating, a law professor and defense attorney. Hers, as well as her five students, lives to take a turn when they become involved in a murder plot.

Wrap Up!

Since their inception in the mainstream media, crime dramas, and shows have always been one of the viewers’ favorite genres. 7plus crime shows have captivating content and thought-provoking plot which will entertain you to your fullest. Moreover, anybody who’s a crime show enthusiast can watch 7Plus from anywhere. So brace yourself and stream crime shows on 7plus. 

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