Best Sling TV Movies to Watch

Sling TV is an exceptional streaming platform that offers a diverse range of movies across various genres, including horror, action, romance, and thrillers. While Sling TV is primarily restricted to the US, we can guide you on how to use a VPN to access Sling TV from anywhere in the world!

Looking for some exciting movie recommendations to watch on Sling TV? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best movies on Sling TV to enhance your movie nights.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Movie TitleSpider-Man: Far from Home
DirectorJon Watts
CastTom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal
IMDb Rating7.4/10

In this exhilarating Spider-Man adventure, Peter Parker’s relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when he is recruited by Nick Fury for a crucial mission. As elemental creatures wreak havoc across the world, Spider-Man teams up with the enigmatic Mysterio to save the planet.

The Humans

Movie TitleThe Humans
DirectorStephen Karam
CastRichard Jenkins, Jayne Houdyshell, Amy Schumer
IMDb Rating6.1/10

“The Humans” revolves around the Blake family as they gather for a Thanksgiving celebration in a pre-war duplex in Manhattan. As the night progresses and strange occurrences unfold, tensions within the family reach a breaking point.

The Northman

Movie TitleThe Northman
DirectorRobert Eggers
CastAlexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang
IMDb Rating7.2/10

Set in AD 895, “The Northman” follows King Aurvandill’s return to the island of Hrafnsey, where he reunites with his wife and son. When tragedy strikes, the young prince embarks on a journey of revenge, setting the stage for an epic tale.

Zero Dark Thirty

Movie TitleZero Dark Thirty
DirectorKathryn Bigelow
CastJessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt
IMDb Rating7.4/10

“Zero Dark Thirty” chronicles the relentless pursuit of Osama bin Laden following the September 11 attacks. This gripping film showcases the efforts of a dedicated female operative, whose tenacity plays a crucial role in the mission to locate and eliminate the world’s most-wanted terrorist.

The Upside

Movie TitleThe Upside
DirectorNeil Burger
CastKevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman
IMDb Rating7.0/10

“The Upside” tells the heartwarming story of an unlikely friendship between a wealthy quadriplegic and a parolee in need of a fresh start. Through their unique bond, they discover the joy of life and redefine their perspectives.

The Shape of Water

Movie TitleThe Shape of Water
DirectorGuillermo del Toro
CastSally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon
IMDb Rating7.3/10

Set in 1962 Baltimore, “The Shape of Water” revolves around Elisa, a mute janitor who forms a deep connection with an aquatic creature held captive in a high-security government facility. This enchanting film explores themes of love, acceptance, and the power of empathy.


Movie TitleCandyman
DirectorNia DaCosta
CastYahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
IMDb Rating7.3/10

“Candyman” is a horror sequel set in a gentrified Chicago area where the legend of Candyman originated. As an artist delves into Candyman’s dark past, he unwittingly unleashes a series of terrifying events, leading him on a collision course with destiny.

Just Mercy

Movie TitleJust Mercy
DirectorDestin Daniel Cretton
CastMichael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, Brie Larson
IMDb Rating7.4/10

“Just Mercy” is based on the true story of attorney Bryan Stevenson as he fights for justice and defends wrongfully convicted individuals. The film focuses on Stevenson’s relentless efforts to exonerate Walter McMillian, who faces a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.

Mercenary for Justice

Movie TitleMercenary for Justice
DirectorDon E. Fauntleroy
CastSteven Seagal, Jacqueline Lord, Roger Guenveur Smith
IMDb Rating4.0/10

In “Mercenary for Justice,” skilled mercenary John Seeger is blackmailed into a dangerous mission to rescue a wealthy arms dealer’s son from a South African prison. As Seeger realizes he has been deceived, he devises a complex plan to seek revenge and expose the truth.


Movie TitleBlitz
DirectorElliott Lester
CastJason Statham, Paddy Considine, Aidan Gillen
IMDb Rating6.1/10

In “Blitz,” South East London police officers become the victims of a serial killer. The investigation into the murderer’s identity intensifies after two police constables are shot dead and Chief Inspector Bruce Roberts is bludgeoned to death.

Despite facing ridicule from fellow officers for being openly gay, Sergeant Porter Nash is assigned to lead the inquiry in the South East London section of the police force.

Wrapping Up

Sling TV offers a fantastic selection of movies to cater to every viewer’s taste. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed superhero adventures, gripping dramas based on true events, or chilling horror tales, Sling TV has something for everyone.

From the thrilling web-slinging escapades of “Spider-Man: Far from Home” to the thought-provoking legal drama of “Just Mercy,” these movies on Sling TV are sure to keep you entertained and engaged.

While Sling TV is primarily accessible in the US, using a VPN can unlock the platform’s extensive library from anywhere in the world. By following the steps to connect to a VPN, you can enjoy these incredible movies on Sling TV, no matter where you are located.

So, grab your favorite snacks, cozy up on the couch, and get ready for a cinematic journey with the best movies available on Sling TV.


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