How much is Sky Go? Plans and Prices

Sky Go is a streaming service provided by Sky TV, allowing you to enjoy live and on-demand TV on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It replaces the Sky+ app and Sky Player, offering a range of features, advantages and Sky Go plans.

In this article, we will explore the different plans, prices, and deals available for Sky Go, making it easy for you to subscribe and enjoy Sky Go in the USA.

Discover the pricing details for Sky Go in the USA today!

Sky Go Cost In USA

Sky Go is a complimentary service for Sky subscribers. If you already have a Sky ID, you can activate your Sky Go account for free.

However, for non-Sky customers, Sky Go is not available for free. To use the service, you would need to purchase a monthly subscription.

The current price for Sky Go in the USA for non-Sky customers is US$18.32/mo (GB£15/mo). There are also other plans available, such as Sky Go Extra, which allows you to watch Sky Go films and top shows like Good Trouble and Rock The Block Season 4 without an internet connection.

Watch Sky Go without a Sky TV Subscription

If you’re interested in subscribing to Sky Go without an existing Sky TV subscription, you’re in luck! Sky offers a convenient monthly Sky Go ticket for this purpose.

To sign up for Sky Go while outside the UK (as it is geo-restricted to the UK), follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN service.
  • Download and install the VPN on your device, then connect to a server located in the UK.
  • Visit the official Sky Go website.
  • Scroll down until you find the section titled ‘Go further with Sky Go Extra.’
  • Click ‘Show’ to explore the different Sky Go bundles available.
  • Select the appropriate plan that suits your needs and add it to your cart.
  • Proceed to the payment page where you will need to enter your payment details. Please note that while a valid credit card from any region should work, the billing address must be from one of the countries listed in the drop-down options. You can search online for a genuine address/postcode.
  • After completing the payment for your subscription, return to My Private Network and follow their instructions to set up your device.
  • If you require additional assistance, feel free to reach out to the Sky Support Team at [email protected].

Take a look at the additional plans available for your consideration.

Subscription Plan Price
The Family BundleUS$18.32 (GB£15)
The Family Bundle + Sky MoviesUS$39.07 (GB£32)
The Family Bundle + Sky SportsUS$42.74 (GB£35)
The Family Bundle, Sky Movies + Sky SportsUS$48.84 (GB£40)

What to watch on Sky Go

Sky Go offers a wide range of content for streaming, including live Sky TV networks and on-demand entertainment, which includes an extensive library of nearly 800 films.

Here are some examples of the available Sky channels on Sky Go:

Sports: ESPN, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports News.
Movies: Sky Movies Showcase, Action movies, family movies.
News: Sky News.
Entertainment: Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, MTV Sky 1, GOLD, Sky Arts 1.

The price of Sky Go in the US varies from $24.53 to $46.61, depending on the package you choose. With such a diverse range of channels available, you can select the package that suits your preferences and enjoy streaming your favorite Sky Go channels.


How much is Sky Go a month in the US?

Sky Go is available at no additional price to Sky subscribers in USA; however, if you’re a non-Sky customer the current price for Sky Go is US$18.32/mo (GB£15/mo).

How much is Sky Go extra a month?

Sky users can enjoy the added benefits of Sky Go Extra for free with their Sky TV subscription. Additionally, Sky Mobile members can watch Sky TV on their phones using the Sky Go app without using up their data plan.

Is there a charge for Sky Go in the US?

No, Sky Go is a complimentary add-on included with your Sky TV subscription.


Sky Go offers a fantastic way to enjoy TV shows and movies. Whether you’re an existing Sky customer or not, you can access Sky Go. Existing customers can activate their accounts for free, while non-Sky customers can choose a monthly plan at a fee of US$18.32/mo (GB£15/mo).

You also have the option to select Sky Go Extra, which allows offline viewing of the best Sky TV shows and movies. You can cancel Sky Go at any time. We hope this article provided helpful and informative insights. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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