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Witness the Marathon of 6 weeks, in which four talented teams will take part to transform a home into a dream home. Get excited because HGTV has released Rock The Block season 4 on March 6, 2023. If you haven’t watched it yet, then what are you waiting for? Get ready and do not miss any single episode, as all the episodes will show the renovation of different parts of the house.

HGTV is a hub of amazing content. You can watch it all in your comfort without any hustle. If you are facing geo-restriction then follow the guide and sign up to the suggested VPN and tune in to get some wholesome experience and creative renovation ideas.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Rock The Block Season 4 from anywhere

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  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to HGTV

  5. Watch Rock The Block on HGTV

What is the release date of Rock the Block Season 4?

Rock the block was released on March 6, 2023, Tune in and enjoy all the four episode before episode 5 releases.

Where to watch Rock the Block Season 4 online?

Embark on a journey of creativity and get some amazing renovation ideas. If you’re wondering where can you watch the intrigue competition, look no further than HGTV, as all the episodes will be released there.

What is Rock the Block Season 4 about?

How to watch Rock the block season 4 from Anywhere

Rock The Block is a competition among the best architects and interior designer teams. Every team gets an equal amount of budget and time to complete the renovation of the given house. After completing, winner gets a winning amount. The idea of the series is to enhance and polish the skills of designers while giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent.

What is the plot of Rock the Block Season 4?

Season 4 will feature great architects and designers. All of them will get Identical land of 5000 sq feet worth $1.9 million before renovation. The budget will be $250,000 to complete the renovation within six weeks. Evaluation will be done every week by the judges.

There will be four teams, each having 2 members. All of them will be aware of the strength of the competitors. In addition, winners will also get a donation by their names to ”Fight Hunger” which provides up to 100,000 meals to kids fighting hunger.

Rock the Block — Season 4 official trailer

With a ticking clock, mounting pressure, and limited budget, the show will keep the contestants on the feet.

What’s the cast of Rock the Block Season 4?

How to watch Rock The Block season 4 from anywhere.

Jonathan Knirght is an American singer and well known for being a member of the band New Kids on the Block but changing his ways in 1994, Kristina Crestin, is a full-time interior designer and interior architect. Bryan Baeumler is a Canadian TV host and businessman. In the show, he shares his experience of building hotels in the Bahamas.

The remaining cast members include:

  • Anthony Elle
  • Michel Smith
  • Sarah Baeumler
  • Page Turner
  • Mitch Glew

HGTV Designers in Rock the Block season 4

All the eight design enthusiast contestants will team up and form four outstanding teams that will take part in neck-to-neck competition.

Team B&S

A duo from Canada, Bryan and Sarah, has an experience of renovating an Island resort in the Bahamas. The duo will feature in HGTV’s show Renovation.

Team P&M

Real state broker Page was featured on Flip or Flop Nashville and was judge of Rock the Block season 3. She will be accompanied by Mitch Glew, recognized for Fix My Flip TV show.

Team J&K

Grammy nominated Jonathan is not a new bee in the industry. The Farmhouse Fixer star will team up with Kristina Crestin, a co-host of Farmhouse Fixer and winner of HGTV’s Designer of the Year Award

Team M&A

From designing luxury projects to feature on LA Weekly Vogue, Michael Smith has proved himself. Along to him, we will see Anthony Elle, a DIY expert and Project Runway All-Stars season 6 winner.

What is Rock the Block IMDB rating?

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

What are some early reactions and comments about Rock the Block?

Episodes of Rock the Block — Season 4

Episode 1: Kitchen Face-Off

Release date: March 6, 2023

Four phenomenal designers will renovate kitchens, and surely they will be jaw-dropping designs. Dave and Jenny will Judge the final finished spaces.

Episode 2: Living Room Face-Off

Release Date: March 13

In week 2, contestants will renovate the living room by keeping mountains as an inspiration. Mina Starsiak and Jenn Todryk will judge a new fireplace, Entryways, and living room.

Episode 3: Main Suite Face-OFF

Release Date: March 20, 2023

Week 3 will decide the ultimate winner of the competition. Lyndsay Lamb and Keslie Davis will visit each house to determine the winner of the challenge. The houses will be a fixer to fabulous.

Episode 4: Lower Level Face-Off

Release Date: March 27, 2023

After completing the first floor, the team will move to the basement, the largest area to cover. The basement will be the canvas on which teams will do something unique and outrageous. Designs that will show the magic of creator will be judged by Alison Victoria and Veronica Valencia.

Episode 5: Exterior Face-Off

Release Date: April 3, 2023

After finishing the inner job, the team will head out to create mind-boggling designs that will attract bidders. Season 2 winners Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt will return to judge.

Episode 6: Finale Face-Off

Release Date: April 10, 2023

With intensifying competition and belt-tightening budget, everyone will race with time to finish the task. Jasmine Roth, Egypt Sherrod, and Mike Jackson will announce the winner of Rock the Block season 4.

Where else can you watch Rock the block season 4?

Watch Rock the Block season 4 in CanadaGlobal TV, Stack TV
Watch Rock the Block season 4 in UKDiscovery Plus, Sky Go
Watch Rock the Block season 4 in Australia

What else can I watch on HGTV?


What does a winning team get?

The winner of the competition gets a whopping amount.

How much time does each team get?

Each team gets six weeks to complete their houses with a $225,000 budget.

Who is the winner of Rock the Block season 3?

Egypt and Mike made a history of winning season 3 and selling house on the maximum price possible.

Who is Anthony Elle in Rock the Block?

Anthony is a design enthusiast, featured in many shows like Luxe for less and Project Runaway. The multi-talented is not bound to TV only but also runs a premium gowns boutique under Anthony Elle label.


Everyone has an actor, singer, and designer hidden in them. If you want to see your creative designer side, don’t forget to watch Rock the Block season 4 on HGTV. Watch the show and brainstorm what else they could have done to enhance the beauty of their assignment. Brace yourself and join in the journey of DIY.

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