Best Shows On ITV To Watch Right Now in 2023

ITV Hub offers a diverse range of captivating shows that keep viewers glued to their screens. From gripping crime dramas to compelling mysteries, exciting movies and engaging soap operas, there’s something for everyone on this popular streaming platform.

In this article, we present the top 10 must-watch best shows on ITV Hub, providing descriptions, cast information, IMDb ratings, directors, and a glimpse into the intriguing worlds these series create.

Whether you’re a fan of thrilling investigations, thought-provoking dramas, or captivating character-driven narratives, these shows are sure to leave you entertained and wanting more.


DirectorPaul Gay (2016-2022)
WritersSally Abbott (2020), Colette Kane (2021)
CastBrenda Blethyn, Jon Morrison, Riley Jones, Kenny Doughty
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
IMDb Rating8.0/10
No. of Seasons11

Description: Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope and Sergeant Joe Ashworth investigate the murder of a local teenager in a quiet Northumberland market town. As they delve into the case, they uncover a complex web of deception and intrigue, connecting it to a larger international story of greed, power, and betrayal.

Endeavour (2012)

DirectorShaun Evans (2021)
WritersRussel Lewis, Collin Dexter
CastShaun Evans, Roger Allam, James Bradshaw, Sean Rigby
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
IMDb Rating8.6/10
No. of Seasons9

Description: “Endeavour 2012” follows Detective Inspector Thursday and his rookie detective constable, Endeavour Morse, in Oxford City Police. Morse is young, inexperienced, and ambitious, but he must prove himself in an environment where seniority holds significant influence.

Innocent (2018)

DirectorRichard Clark
Written byChris Lang
CastLee Ingleby, Katherine Kelly
GenreCrime Drama
IMDb Rating7.4/10
No. of Seasons2

Description: David Collins is released from prison after serving seven years for a crime he did not commit. Determined to seek justice, he confronts those who lied in court and defamed him while trying to rebuild his life. As he investigates leads, he must also navigate personal struggles along the way.

Grace (2021)

DirectorJulia Ford, John Alexander
Written byRussell Lewis
CastRichie Campbell, Rakie Ayola, John Simm
GenreCrime Drama/Thriller
IMDb Rating7.2/10
No. of Seasons2

Description: Detective Superintendent Roy Grace investigates the disappearance of a Brighton businessman. As the case unfolds, he discovers unexpected twists and uncovers a murder plot involving a wealthy individual and a body found near the English Channel seabed.

The Sister (2020)

DirectorNiall MacCormick
Written byRussell Tovey, Amanda Root, Bertie Carvel, Neil Cross
CastAmrita Acharia, Bertie Carvel, Russell Tovey
GenreThriller Drama
IMDb Rating5.8/10
No. of Seasons1

Description: Nathan’s past comes back to haunt him, disrupting his seemingly happy married life. He must protect his loved ones while facing his own nightmares. As his past and present collide, he unravels the true intentions of his friend and fights to end the threat once and for all.

Stephen (2021)

DirectorAlrick Riley
Written byJoe Cottrell-Boyce, Frank Cottrell-Boyce
CastSharlene Whyte, Hugh Quarshie, Jorden Myrie
GenreCrime Drama
IMDb Rating7.3/10
No. of Seasons1

Description: “Stephen” portrays the 18-year struggle of Doreen and Neville Lawrence, parents seeking justice for the murder of their son, Stephen. Working with DCI Clive Driscoll, they investigate the case and confront deep-seated racism in society.

Coronation Street (1960)

DirectorJohn Whiston
Written byJohn Whiston
CastVarious characters
GenreSoap Opera
IMDb Rating5.6/10
No. of Seasons58

Description: “Coronation Street” showcases the lives of people in Weatherfield, Manchester, England, as they navigate personal and public challenges. The series captures the ordinary yet captivating moments of their daily struggles and accomplishments.

Trigger Point (2022)

DirectorBrad Turner
Written byDaniel Brierley
CastVicky McClure, Warren Brown, Adrian more lost, and Kerry Godliman
GenreCrime Fiction
IMDb Rating6.2/10
No. of Seasons1

Description: A bomb disposal operative, Lana Washington, races against time to stop a summer terror campaign in London.

Teaming up with an ex-military bomb disposal operative, she must uncover the identity of the bomber and defuse improvised explosives while facing public pressure and personal challenges.

Manhunt (2019)

DirectorMarc Evans
Written byEd Whitmore
CastMartin Clunes, Claudie Blakley, Stephen Wight
GenrePolitical Drama
IMDb Rating7.6/10
No. of Seasons2

Description: Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton investigates the case of Amelia Delarange, a French woman brutally attacked in the UK. The series follows the intense pursuit of the perpetrator, showcasing the challenging and relentless nature of the investigation.

Unforgotten (2015)

DirectorAndy Wilson
Written byChris Lang
CastLewis Reeves, Jordan Long, Nicola Walker
GenreCrime Drama
IMDb Rating8.3/10
No. of Seasons4

Description: One of the best shows on ITV “Unforgotten” revolves around the discovery of a skeleton in a nearly demolished building. DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunil Khan reopen the long-closed case, tracing it back decades. The investigation leads them to question various individuals, including prominent figures, as they uncover the truth behind the murder.


ITV Hub continues to deliver quality content that captivates audiences with its compelling storytelling and talented casts. The top 10 shows mentioned in this article represent the cream of the crop, each offering a unique and immersive viewing experience.

Whether you’re a fan of crime dramas like “Vera” and “Endeavour,” or prefer the suspenseful thrills of “The Sister” and “Grace,” ITV Hub has something to satisfy every taste.

With its wide array of genres and top-notch production values, ITV Hub remains a go-to destination for those seeking high-quality television. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to be entertained by the best shows ITV Hub has to offer.

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