Best Shows On ITV In Canada

ITV has produced some remarkable shows that have captivated viewers around the world. In this article, we will explore the best shows on ITV available in Canada.

From thrilling crime dramas to gripping mysteries, ITV offers a diverse range of genres that are sure to keep you entertained. Let’s delve into the best shows on ITV in Canada that you should add to your watchlist.

List of Best Shows in Canada

  1. Des (2020 Mini Series)
  2. Sherlock (2012-2017)
  3. Scott & Bailey (2011-2016)
  4. Angela Black (2021 – Present)
  5. Gordon Gino and Fred: Road Trip (2018 – Present)
  6. A Confession (2019 Mini Series)
  7. Honour (2020 Mini Series)
  8. McDonald & Dodds (2020 – Present)
  9. Dark Heart (2016-2018)
  10. The Long Call (2021)

These movies cover a range of genres including thriller, crime, drama, action, legal drama, and travel and food. Each of these movies offers unique storylines, compelling performances, and captivating narratives that make them worth watching.

Des (2020 Mini Series)

GenreThriller, Crime Film
DirectorLewis Arnold
WriterKelly Jones
CastDaniel Mays, David Tennant, Jason Watkins
IMDb Rating7.6/10

In this gripping thriller, it’s the year 1983, and Dennis “Des” Nilsen is taken into custody on suspicion of murder. The series follows Nilsen’s interrogation and the detectives’ efforts to identify his numerous victims.

While the program relies on familiar crime murder mystery cliches, its well-executed storytelling and dramatic tension make it a must-watch.

Sherlock (2012-2017)

GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorGuy Ritchie
WriterMichael Robert Johnson
CastJude Law, Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams
IMDb Rating7.6/10

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve another case involving a serial murderer and occult “sorcerer,” Lord Blackwood. As Blackwood reappears from the dead and resumes his killing spree, Sherlock is compelled to uncover the truth.

This action-packed thriller is filled with murder, deception, and the enigmatic Irene Adler, testing Sherlock’s detective skills to their limits.

Scott & Bailey (2011-2016)

DirectorMorag Fullerton
WriterSally Wainwright
CastLesley Sharp, Suranne Jones, Tony Mooney
IMDb Rating8.0/10

Join two female private detectives, each with their unique perspectives on life, as they navigate their police investigations and personal lives. Scott & Bailey offers a compelling blend of drama and crime, portraying the detectives’ varying degrees of success.

This series has garnered critical acclaim and is considered one of the best shows on ITV.

Angela Black

DirectorCraig Viveiros
WriterHarry Williams
CastMichiel Huisman, Joanne Froggatt, Samuel Adewunmi
IMDb Rating6.3/10

Angela Black may appear to be a content mother of two, but beneath the surface, her husband Olivier is a violent and manipulative man. When Angela is pursued by a stranger, her darkest fears about her husband are confirmed.

As she fights to maintain her facade, a stranger named Ed encourages her to take action. This gripping drama explores themes of domestic abuse and deception.

Gordon Gino and Fred: Road Trip

GenreTravel and Food
DirectorBen Archard
WriterBen Archard
CastGino D’Acampo, Gordon Ramsay, Fred Siriex
IMDb Rating8.5/10

Join celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo, and Fred Siriex as they embark on a road trip to various destinations.

From swimming under ice and herding reindeer in Finland to exploring the rich culinary traditions of Greece, this travel and food series is a delightful adventure. With their unique camaraderie, the trio creates unforgettable moments and mouthwatering dishes.

A Confession (2019 Mini Series)

GenreLegal Drama
DirectorPaul Andrew Williams
WriterJeff Pope
CastSiobhan Finnernan, Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton
IMDb Rating7.6/10

Based on true events, A Confession follows the disappearance of Sian O’Callaghan and the subsequent investigation. As the authorities search for clues, a senior officer’s involvement raises suspicions.

Detective Superintendent Fulcher must confront the possibility that a fellow officer may be responsible for the abduction. This compelling legal drama keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Honour (2020 Mini Series)

DirectorRichard Laxton
WriterGwyneth Hughes
CastMark Stanley, Keeley Hawes, Michael Jibson
IMDb Rating7.1/10

Honour sheds light on the true story of Banaz Mahmod, a young Iraqi Kurdish woman murdered by her family in an “honor killing.” The series explores the police investigation and reveals the failings that occurred prior to Banaz’s tragic fate.

With its powerful performances and thought-provoking narrative, Honour delves into the complexities of culture, justice, and tragedy.

McDonald & Dodds (2020 – Present)

GenreCrime Film
DirectorLaura Scrivano
WriterRobert Murphy
CastTala Gouveia, James Murray, Jason Watkins
IMDb Rating7.4/10

When a homeless man is shot in the vacant house of a prominent Bath entrepreneur, DCI McDonald and DS Dodds join forces to solve the case.

As they investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy patient at the Mara Retreat, their new partnership faces its first major challenge. McDonald & Dodds is a thrilling crime series that will keep you guessing.

Dark Heart (2016-2018)

GenreCrime Drama
DirectorColin Teague
WriterChris Lang
CastJoseph Teague, Tom Riley, Anjli Mohindra
IMDb Rating6.6/10

Detective Inspector Will Wagstaffe, haunted by the death of his parents, dedicates his life to catching criminals. However, when his sister moves in with her new boyfriend, Will becomes a supportive uncle to his nephew, Hal.

As he investigates a series of vigilante crimes, Will must put his personal life on hold. Dark Heart offers a compelling mix of crime and personal struggles.


The Long Call (2021)

DirectorLee Haven Jones
WriterAnn Cleeves
CastDeclan Bennett, Ben Aldridge, Siobhan Cullen
IMDb Rating6.5/10

When a corpse is discovered on a North Devon beach, Detective Inspector Matthew Venn is tasked with solving a perplexing case with no witnesses, forensic evidence, or apparent motive. As Matthew grapples with personal loss and his return to a town he once fled, The Long Call unfolds as a gripping drama that will keep you engaged.


ITV has consistently delivered exceptional shows that have captured the attention of viewers worldwide. From intense crime thrillers to thought-provoking dramas, the best shows on ITV offer diverse narratives and engaging performances.

Whether you’re a fan of mysteries, legal dramas, or travel adventures, ITV has something for everyone in Canada. Explore these top shows and immerse yourself in the captivating storytelling that ITV has to offer.

Please note that ITV is geo-restricted and can only be accessed from within the United Kingdom. However, you can use a VPN to bypass the restrictions and enjoy ITV shows even outside the UK. With a VPN, you’ll never have to worry about facing issues like ITV Hub not working with a VPN while accessing your favorite shows. Happy watching!


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