The True Story Behind Boston Strangler 

The Boston Strangler is one of the most infamous serial killers in American history, having terrorized the city of Boston between 1962 and 1964. While Albert DeSalvo was known to have confessed to the 13 murders, there were inconsistencies in his confession, and the identity of the Boston Strangler remains a mystery. 

Hulu‘s Boston Strangler is a crime movie that premieres in March 2023, focuses on reporters Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole, who broke the story of the Boston Strangler. They worked with the Boston Police Department, identifying several suspects over the course of the film. The movie suggests that several people were involved in the murders, and raises the theory of multiple killers.

Begin In 1962 And Remained For Two Years

The Boston Strangler’s first victim, Anna Slesers, was found dead on June 14, 1962, in her apartment. She had been sexually assaulted, and there was no evidence of forced entry, although her apartment had been ransacked. Mary Mullen was the second victim, found on June 28, and before the killer could do anything she died of a heart attack. The discovery of two victims on June 30, 1962, was the turning point in the case, leading police to realize that they were dealing with a serial killer. The victims, Nina Nichols and Helen Blake, were both elderly women who had been sexually assaulted, with stockings and bras tied around their necks.

The Boston Strangler’s modus operandi changed halfway through the killing spree, with later victims being younger than the initial elderly victims. Some of the victims did not have stockings or bras tied around their necks, and similar murders were committed in other cities and states.

Warnings Out Of Fear

The Boston Strangler case was highly publicized at the time, with warnings being sent out through the media, strongly suggesting that women lock their doors and be cautious of strangers. The people in the Boston area were paralyzed by fear, and the increased police presence did little to assuage their fears. 

DeSalvo’s confession 

However, the identity of the Boston Strangler remains a mystery, with DeSalvo’s confession being highly contested. The movie Boston Strangler suggests that DeSalvo may have killed some of the women, while other men killed the rest, adding to the confusion surrounding the case. DeSalvo’s confession contained inconsistencies, and he may have been coached. He also later recanted his confession completely. The fact that the murders were committed over a relatively short period of time, with the killer suddenly stopping in 1964, has led to speculation that the killer was imprisoned for another crime, died, or moved away.

The Real Killer 

The case remains one of the most chilling in American history, with the killer’s identity remaining a mystery. The case of the Boston Strangler remained unsolved for half a century until 2013 when DNA analysis finally linked DeSalvo to the murder of Mary Anne Sullivan, providing the first concrete evidence connecting a specific killer to the string of murders. This breakthrough in the case resulted in the closure of Sullivan’s case.


In conclusion, the Boston Strangler case remains one of the most baffling unsolved crimes in American history. While Albert DeSalvo confessed to the 13 murders, the identity of the real killer remains a mystery. On a completely different note, if you want to watch Hulu from Canada, you can follow the steps outlined in the aforementioned link to access Hulu’s content and enjoy a wide range of shows and movies.

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