10 Most Romantic Hallmark Movies To Watch Right Now

If you are hunting for love and want to binge on romantic movies, then Hallmark is a perfect destination for you. With a rise of the streaming platforms Hallmark has become a prime location for romantic movie fans. The stories, characters, locations and everything will make you fall in love. From deep love story to light RomComs you’ll find everything. Feel the breeze of love, set up a date night for your partner and watch these best romantic movies on Hallmark in the comfort of your home.

The Lost Valentine

DirectorDarnell Martin
Release DateJanuary 30, 2011
StarsJennifer Love Hewitt, Betty White, Sean Faris
GenreDrama, Romance
IMDB Rating7.4/10

An elderly woman named Caroline went to the railway station on Valentine’s Day with eyes full of hope that her estranged husband would show up but every time came back empty handed. Lucas her grandson narrates her story to the journalist named Susan

Susan wants to speak with Caroline. She first doesn’t believe the narrative, which causes her and Lucas to argue, but she finally comes to the conclusion that love may take many different forms. Her thoughts are clouded by the interview, and she begins to have doubts about her engagement.

Loves Comes Softly

DirectorMichael London Jr.
Release DateApril 13, 2003
StarsKatherine Heigl, Dale Midkiff, Corbin Bernsen
GenreDrama, Family, Romance
IMDb Rating7.3/10

Pregnant with first child, Marty receives the news of her husband’s death. The news breaks her heart into pieces. Due to helplessness and lack of financial support she decides to marry again. This time she accepts the proposal of Clark Davis, who promised to raise her daughter as his own.

The wonderful and supportive nature of Clark, astonished Marty and she eventually started getting inclined towards him. A relationship based on compromise and needs transforms into a beautiful romantic tale.

Once Upon A Christmas Miracle

DirectorGary Yates
Release DateDecember 2, 2018
StarsAimee Teegarden, Brett Dalton, Lolita Davidovich
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
IMDb Rating7.3/10

Heather Krueger, was told that she has no time left and needed an urgent liver transplant. The clock was ticking, the odds of finding a perfect match was at its peak, until Chris Demsey voluntarily got checked and surprisingly was an ideal match. Chris was a former Marine but a spirit of saving lives was still part of his personality. The donating liver was a start of blooming romance.

Matching Hearts

DirectorSiobhan Devine
Release DateFebruary 8, 2020
StarsTaylor Cole, Ryan Paevey, Donna Benedicto
GenreDrama, Romance
IMDb Rating6.8/10

Julia, a matchmaker meets Baniel, a handsome single man who is admired by many. She tries to convince him to sign up for her matchmaking service. Bringing him on the board is going to be a big feather in her cap as she was bringing business to a firm.

Daniel agrees and Julia begins to find him a perfect match. While profiling, she got to know about him and got impressed. The likeness elevated every time she meets him, but due to her job she must maintain a distance. Her mind and heart starts pushing her in different directions. However, she has to follow one.

The Christmas Secret

DirectorNorma Bailey
Release DateDecember 7, 2014
StarsBethany Joy Lenz, Judd Parkin, Donna VanLiere
GenreDrama, Family, Romance
IMDb Rating7.2/10

Christine Eisley’s life comes under a crisis after her husband decided to sue her and takes the matter of kids’ custody to the court. Things got worse when she lost a family heirloom that was passed by her father. She was on the verge of losing everything when landed a new job.

To gather herself, she started working in a bakery where she met Jason, a lovely grandson of bakery owners. Both use to manage a bakery together. While working together Christine started feeling a pleasant time as her fortune started turning towards the good side.

A Country Wedding

DirectorAnne Wheeler
Release DateJune 27, 2015
StarsJesse Metcalfe, Autumn Reeser, Laura Mennell
GenreDrama, Romance
IMDb Rating6.9/10

A singer, passionate in love decides to marry a Hollywood star and brings her to his village. Marriage preparations were taking place, everyone was excited and out of nowhere, he bumps into his childhood sweetheart. This encounter motivated him to write a song, and while writing, many questions regarding his marriage arises in his mind. Soon-to-be groom reevaluates his life and values and reconsiders the decision of getting married.

A Bramble House Christmas

DirectorSteven R. Monroe
Release DateNovember 19, 2017
StarsAutumn Reser, David Haydn-Jones, Liam Hughes
GenreDrama, Romance
IMDb Rating7.1/10

Finn got suspicious of his father when he changed his will last minute and transferred all his property to his caretaker named Willa. He not only gave her a $100,000 fortune, but a trip to B&B which is nothing less than a dream.

Finn follows her to get to the root of the uncertain and mysterious decision and finds out that the life of a nurse and her son is not as easy as he thought. The journey to truth will unveil many past mysteries that will turn the fate of Finn’s life.

Follow The Stars Home

DirectorDick Lowry
Release DateMay 6, 2001
StarsKimberly Williams-Paisley, Campbell Scott, Eric Close
GenreDrama, Romance, Family
IMDb Rating7.1/10

Dianne, a woman with enchanted beauty becomes the reason for a dispute between two brothers. Mark and David, brothers with two opposite natures fall for the same girl, however, Dianne decided to choose the worst one.

They both got married and were expecting their first child when suddenly Mark walks out of her life after getting the news of abnormalities in the child. David decides to step in and raise the child as his own. The never expressed love of David reflects in his actions that drawn Dianne towards him.

Bottled With Love

DirectorDavid Weaver
Release DateApril 13, 2019
StarsBethany Joy Lenz, Andrew W. Walker, Kate Craven
GenreDrama, Romance
IMDb Rating7.0/10

Abbey, a career-oriented girl gets frustrated and wanted to have a partner with whom she can have a good time. Impulsively, she decides to pour her heart out and expressed her feelings in a letter, then sealed it in a bottle and tossed it in Boston Harbor.

Nick, the son of Abbey’s boss discovers the bottle and contacted her on the given email. One email after another, the chain continues and both started an online relationship, without knowing that they work together. In the office, both doesn’t blend well and have many differences. This love-hate relationship will turn the fate of their destiny.

Loving Leah

DirectorJeff Bleckner
Release DateJanuary 25, 2009
StarsLauren Ambrose, Adam Kaufman, Susie Essman
GenreComedy, Romance
IMDb Rating7.0/10

After the demise of David, his childless widow was forced to marry Jake, the younger brother of the late David. The orthodox nature of the Jewish community makes it an obligatory custom that needs to be followed by everyone despite their wish.

Both individuals wanted to escape but has nowhere to go, the uncertain circumstances pushed them into the marriage of convenience which soon become a marriage of utmost love and respect.


Hallmark is a perfect location if you want to lift your mood. The handpicked list of romantic movies is just a small sample of Hallmark’s offerings. From tender trifles of love to spine-tingling thrillers, there is something for everyone. So, without further ado, dive into the ocean of love, watch romantic movies on Hallmark, and have a good time with your partner. You might pick some best romantic movies on hallmark from our list.

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