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Best True Crime Shows on HBO Max to binge-watch this month

Currently, HBO Max is streaming some of the best true-crime series that need to be in your bucket list. All the lies that are spun into webs in these types of series make you question what the truth really is. The journalists and filmmakers of true crime shows sometimes are successful in discovering what lies behind the mysterious secrets and sometimes they do not discover anything at all. These shows always leave people engrossed and captivated, which is why we have made you a list of the best true crime shows on HBO Max. They are as follows:

  1. McMillions (2020)
  2. Allen V. Farrow (2021)
  3. The Case Against Adnan Syed (2019)
  4. Lady and the Dale (2021)
  5. Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children (2019)
  6. Murder on Middle Beach (2020)
  7. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019)

1. McMillions (2020)

This is a documentary that is six episodes long. It’s all about the McDonalds’ Monopoly game between 1989 to 2001 that involves law enforcement hunting down the doers of the crime. One of the main characters is FBI Agent, Doug Mathews, who shows up in golden suits to emulate a golden french fry that could have destroyed an undercover operation. Apparently, there are millions of real victims affected by McMillion. These series can be the best way to gain a dose of weird and intriguing binge-watching.

  • Release Date: February 3, 2020
  • IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

2. Allen V. Farrow (2021)

This film is about a 7-year-old girl, Dylan Farrow claiming that she was sexually assaulted by her father Woody Allen in 1992. This created a rift between him and his wife Mia Farrow who consistently took sides with her daughter. The media and the law all took the side of Woody Allen claiming that the sexual assault never took place. However, Mia never left her daughter’s side. This miniseries includes footage of home videos and audio recordings as well, as it is based on a true story.

  • Release Date: February 21, 2021
  • IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

3. The Case Against Adnan Syed (2019)

This documentary series is about a high school student, Adnan Syed, who murdered his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 1999. Adnan Syed fights for his innocence even after he is given a life sentence. Many people, including his family, believe him and try to get him out of the situation. The case continues in 2016 as new evidence comes forward in the case.

  • Release Date: March 10, 2019
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

4. Lady and the Dale (2021)

Lady and the Dale reveal the wild wrongdoings and cons of Elizabeth “Liz” Carmichael. In the midst of the gas emergency during the 1970s, Carmichael began the 20th Century Motor Car Company, which incorporated a three-wheeled, gas-proficient vehicle called the Dale, and she before long ended up in some major trouble with both the law and media. Uncovering a wrongdoing-filled past, this was not Elizabeth’s first time, and for all intents and purposes been on the lam for as long as she can remember prior to getting pushed into the spotlight while promoting the Dale. A four-part exclusive series, Lady and the Dale is a stunningly educated venture concerning the imaginative ascent and end of one lady. It will make them surmise till the end.

  • Release Date: January 31, 2021
  • IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

5. Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children (2020)

An unspeakable repulsiveness was happening in Atlanta from 1979 through 1981. A serial killer was unleashing ruin upon the city, and something like 30 African-American kids and young adults were vanishing or found killed. Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children is a weighty yet fundamental survey as it investigates who gets consideration from both the media and police in the midst of homicide investigations and who doesn’t.

Following 21 unnerving months of funerals and missing flyers, police captured 23-year-old Wayne Williams for the homicide of two adults while likewise interfacing him with the murder of 10 children. After his conviction, the majority of the cases were shut in 1982 while never going to preliminary, and right up to the present day, many actually feel like the different cases were shamefully stopped before it very well may be demonstrated without question that Williams was answerable for each vanishing and killing. The case was then authoritatively re-opened in 2019 by the city hall leader of Atlanta, and the series keeps on unveiling new data encompassing the case as doubt of Wayne’s culpability stays among the casualties’ families.

  • Release Date: April 5, 2020
  • IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

6. Murder on Middle Beach (2020)

Murder on Middle Beach is a frightful tale about a child attempting to settle his mom’s homicide. Directed by Madison Hamburg, this four-section narrative series plunges into the confusing and ruthless homicide of his mom, Barbara Hamburg. Up until today, the case stays inexplicable, and Madison’s mission to find the fact of the matter is tragic and significant as he assumes the part of both a sleuthing investigator and a lamenting child. Experiencing childhood in a wealthy, pleasant Connecticut town with an apparently cheerful family, murkiness hid underneath the surface which then brought about an untidy separation between his folks.

Years later, everything came steaming to the head when Barbara Hamburg was found killed outside her home. The series takes the audience on a totally pointless pursuit brimming with distractions and problematic suspects as Madison interviews everybody from his aloof dad, to his aunt, and, surprisingly, his own sister as they’ve all turned into a suspect in his mom’s homicide at some point. Murder on Middle Beach can without much of a stretch be watched within the span of one week and never falters while following one child’s quest for answers in a baffling murder mystery, yet for harmony and acknowledgment as well.

  • Release Date: November 15, 2020
  • IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

7. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019)

It fixates on the now famous Elizabeth Holmes, a business visionary who fabricated a clique of character that she used to sell a lie about her new business — a falsehood that she carried on for quite a long time. She guaranteed that she could give far-reaching clinical trials from just a solitary drop of blood. It was a possibly progressive thought that Holmes needed to misdirect individuals into figuring she could accomplish when obviously the innovation was not yet there. The film shows how comprehensive this untruth was, making us stride by step through how huge everything got prior to backfiring when a couple of brave informants approached. It is a picture of both Holmes and a wrecked industry that let this occur as well as taken care of quite a bit of her inspirations. Regardless of whether you’ve heard the story, returning to see the narrative that lays everything out stays an enlightening encounter.

  • Release Date: January 24, 2019
  • IMDb Rating: 7.1/10


All these true crime shows are mostly documentaries on real-life traumatic events. They are filled with millions of lies and it becomes difficult to understand what the real truth really is. Most of the time the abuser acts like the victim, making it difficult to understand who the real victim really is. If you love investigations and solving mysteries, these shows are definitely for you. 

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