Best True Crime Shows on HBO Max to binge-watch In New Zealand

For true crime aficionados in New Zealand, HBO MAX offers a treasure trove of gripping and thought-provoking true crime shows that delve into some of the most shocking and captivating criminal cases.

From elaborate frauds and con artists to chilling murders and Hollywood scandals, each series shines a spotlight on important societal issues and showcases the importance of telling these compelling stories.

Whether you’re fascinated by complex investigations or intrigued by the darker side of human behavior, these documentary series will keep you glued to your screen, pondering the depths of human depravity and the quest for justice.

In this article, we will explore the best true crime shows on HBO MAX in New Zealand, complete with IMDb ratings, detailed descriptions, cast information, and directors, promising an enthralling and immersive experience for all true crime enthusiasts.

House of Hammer (2022)

Description: “House of Hammer” is a documentary-style miniseries that sheds light on the fall of actor Armie Hammer, exploring allegations of abuse and assault in his previous relationships.

Through interviews with his former partners, the series presents disturbing texts, voice memos, and first-hand accounts, while also delving into the dark legacy of the Hammer family over three generations.

IMDb RatingCreator
5.9/10Elli Hakami, Julian P. Hobbs

Behind Closed Doors (2019)

Description: “Behind Closed Doors” is a gripping two-part documentary series that examines a horrifying double murder that occurred in Noida, India, in 2008.

The series delves into the murder of 13-year-old Aarushi Talwar and her family’s live-in housekeeper, Hemraj Banjade, who was initially suspected in the girl’s death. Through a twisted and unresolved story, “Behind Closed Doors” explores the facts surrounding this haunting crime.

IMDb RatingCreator
6/10P.A. Carter

Beware the Slenderman (2016)

Description: “Beware the Slenderman” delves into the chilling events surrounding the attempted murder of a 12-year-old girl in 2014. The documentary investigates whether internet-borne urban legends, such as Slenderman, influenced the two 12-year-old perpetrators to commit their heinous act.

This thought-provoking series raises questions about the impact of internet horror content on young minds and the influence of online phenomena.

IMDb RatingCreator
6.2/10Irene Taylor

A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez (2022)

Description: “A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez” is a gripping five-episode docu-series that delves into the horrific tragedy that befell Brazilian actress Daniella Perez just as her star was on the rise.

The series investigates the 1992 murder of Perez by her jealous co-star, exposing a pattern of abusive behavior. Through interviews with friends, colleagues, and Perez’s mother, the series commemorates the 30th anniversary of this untimely demise.

IMDb RatingCreators
8.5/10Tatiana Issa, Guto Barra

The Cheshire Murders (2013)

Description: “The Cheshire Murders” is a powerful documentary co-directed by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, chronicling the horrific home invasion and murder of the Petit family in Cheshire, Connecticut.

The film features archival footage and interviews with police involved in the investigation, shedding light on disturbing failures and missed opportunities in the case. With a chilling look at the tragic reality that could have been prevented, this documentary is a haunting exploration of a politically charged trial.

IMDb RatingCreators
6.5/10Kate Davis, David Heilbroner

Rich & Shameless (2022)

Description: “Rich & Shameless” is a docu-series that exposes salacious stories involving some of the biggest celebrities. Each episode dives into different scandals, from high-profile crimes to celebrity controversies.

With quick and digestible episodes, the series delves into a range of shocking stories, offering captivating insights into the darker side of fame and fortune.

IMDb RatingCreator
6.4/10Jessica Burgess

Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall (2022)

Description: “Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall” is a gripping two-part docuseries that explores the disappearance of young Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

The series investigates her tragic death after going to interview inventor Peter Madsen on a homemade submarine. With captivating storytelling, the series uncovers the haunting case that rocked Denmark, raising questions about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Wall’s disappearance.

IMDb RatingCreator
6.6/10Erin Lee Carr

The Crime of the Century (2021)

Description: “The Crime of the Century” is a hard-hitting docuseries directed by Alex Gibney that exposes the opioid epidemic in the US and the organizations that enabled it, including the government and Purdue Pharma.

With shocking revelations and illuminating insights, the series delves into the devastating impact of the crisis, raising essential questions about accountability and responsibility.

IMDb RatingCreator
8.1/10Alex Gibney

The Murders at Starved Rock (2021)

Description: “The Murders at Starved Rock” is a three-part docuseries recounting the deaths of three women in 1960 at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. The series explores the conviction and confession of Chester Weger for the murders, while shedding light on the divisive opinions within the small town.

With filmmaker David Raccuglia, the son of the prosecutor involved, heavily invested in the documentary, this series offers a captivating and reverent look at a historic crime.

IMDb RatingCreator
6.6/10Jody McVeigh-Schultz

Gaming Wall Street (2022)

Description: “Gaming Wall Street” is a two-part true crime docu-series based on the viral trend brought on by digital vigilantes who caused chaos in the stock market, particularly in the Gamestop fiasco.

Narrated by Kieran Culkin, the series delves into the groundbreaking events that exposed systemic flaws within Wall Street, offering a fast-paced and gripping look at the world of finance and the power of digital communities.

IMDb RatingCreator
7.2/10Tobias Deml


As we reach the end of our exploration into the best true crime shows on HBO MAX in New Zealand, we find ourselves immersed in a myriad of gripping and chilling stories.

From high-profile scandals to haunting murders, these documentary series offer a glimpse into the darkest side of human nature and the complexities of crime and justice.

Through captivating storytelling and thought-provoking investigations, these true crime shows shed light on the human condition, prompting us to reflect on the depths of human depravity and the resilience of those seeking truth and resolution.

As true crime enthusiasts, you are invited to embark on an unforgettable journey into the minds of criminals and the tireless efforts to seek justice for victims and their families.

With each series offering a unique and compelling narrative, these true crime shows on HBO MAX in New Zealand are sure to leave an indelible mark on your psyche, reminding us all of the power and importance of storytelling. So, get ready to delve into the depths of human psychology with these enthralling and immersive true crime shows.


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