The Academy should’ve said ‘yes’ to Nope

All of the actors in “Nope” give exceptional performances that are deserving of Oscar recognition. Kaluuya and Yeun have already been recognized by the Academy in the past, with Kaluuya winning Best Supporting Actor in 2021 and Yeun being nominated for Best Actor the same year. Kaluuya’s performance in “Nope” is comparable to Leonardo DiCaprio’s in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” as it showcases his confidence and unique skills. The design of the alien is both beautiful and horrifying and should have been recognized with a visual-effects nomination.


Additionally, the cinematography in the near-final shot of Kaluuya on horseback was impressive and deserving of a nomination for Hoyte van Hoytema. Lastly, Peele should have received a second Best Director nomination for his work in bringing the film together.

The article notes that Peele’s take on Hollywood history is different from other recent films on the subject, such as “Babylon“, which the Academy did give some recognition.

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