Netflix pitched a Marvel like remake “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy

When competing for The Lord of the Rings IP, Netflix reportedly proposed prospective Gandalf and Aragorn projects in a Marvel inspired remake.

What Netflix had in mind for their The LOTR adaptation is revealed in a recent story by The Hollywood Reporter that looks at the making, reaction, and future of The Rings of Power. An person familiar with Netflix’s original approach said, “They took the Marvel method.” The estate was utterly terrified by that. The streamer allegedly demonstrated this idea by recommending two Aragorn and Gandalf themed episodes.

The source appears to be implying that the streaming service planned to produce various episodes following multiple characters who could cross over during their durations when they refer to “the Marvel method.” The Witcher and The Sandman are two of Netflix’s most well-known fantasy series. The latter, starring Henry Cavill, recently finished filming its third season and is getting ready to start production on Seasons 4 and 5 simultaneously.

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HBO also made an effort to acquire The LOTR IP rights. The television network proposed recounting the “Third Age” of Middle-Earth, as was shown in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The estate allegedly intended to produce something different with the original material, despite having qualms about Jackson’s adaptations. HBO is now enjoying success with its newest show House of the Dragon.

The Lord of the Rings rights were acquired by Amazon, reportedly not through a specific pitch, but rather with a promise of a tight connection that would offer the Tolkien estate a creative seat at the table in order to preserve his legacy. From there, it produced The Rings of Power, the most expensive television program ever.

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