Married at First Sight Fans Cry Foul as Mitch Eynaud Takes Center Stage at Brother Jayden’s Wedding

In a surprising twist on Married At First Sight, former groom Mitch Eynaud stepped back into the spotlight on Wednesday night, not as a participant but as a supporting sibling for his brother Jayden’s quest for love. However, fans weren’t entirely pleased, accusing Mitch of trying to steal the limelight.

Daily Mail reports that on social media, discontent brewed among viewers who felt Mitch’s presence was overshadowing the special moment meant for Jayden.

One Instagram user remarked, “You missed having the chance of a lifetime with Ella. You just are not old enough or mature enough to take on marriage. It ain’t about you; it’s your brother.”

Some expressed a desire for Mitch to gracefully exit the scene, with comments like, “Please just go away, dude. You’ve had your 5 minutes of fame. So just GO!!!” Others pointed out the irony of Mitch, who supposedly dislikes being filmed, seemingly eager for the camera’s attention.

married at first sight

As Jayden embarked on his journey with Eden Harper, a 28-year-old recruitment manager from the Gold Coast, fans anticipated them becoming early fan favorites.

Despite the positive outlook for Jayden and Eden, the online discourse remained fixated on Mitch’s perceived attempt to turn the focus back on himself.

In the world of reality TV, the spotlight can be elusive, and in this instance, fans were quick to redirect the attention to where they believed it rightfully belonged – on Jayden and his pursuit of love.

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