Kiki Layne claims most of her scenes were cut in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Kiki Layne talks openly about her experience filming the Olivia Wilde directed film Don’t Worry Darling. Layne acknowledged that a significant number of her moments weren’t included in the final product as the film debuted in theatres around the country.

Layne played the part of Margaret in the movie, and she uploaded an Instagram post honoring the movie’s debut and their on screen interaction with Ari’el Stachel. Layne pointed out that viewers would not typically see the majority of the sequences she filmed with Stachel.

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“The best thing about #DontWorryDarling is that I was lucky enough to meet @arielstachel. They cut us from most of the movie, but we thriving in real life,” she captioned a video from the set of the film.

Layne added hashtags like “Got My Check,” “Got My Man” and “Everything Happens for a Reason” seemingly confirming she is dating her co-star.

Stachel saw the post and replied with the following: “My love. You are a queen and your talent shines so bright. I was thirsty then and I’m thirsty now.”

“My favorite part of my experience in Don’t Worry Darling. This woman did phenomenal work and I was thirsty the second I met her,” Stachel posted.

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Don’t Stress Despite numerous scandals surrounding the movie. Including “Spitgate” between Chris Pine and Harry Styles and an alleged incident between Wilde and Pugh that crew members have denied. Yet Darling managed to earn over $19 million in its first weekend in the United States.

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