Josh McDermitt Joins Steven Amell in ‘Suits: LA’ Spinoff

NBC’s Suits spinoff, Suits: LA, is gearing up with the addition of The Walking Dead actor Josh McDermitt. Set to star alongside Steven Amell, McDermitt takes on the role of Stuart Lane, co-founder of the law firm Black Lane Law, where Amell’s character, Ted Black, navigates the complexities of criminal and entertainment law in Los Angeles.

Described as energetic, powerful, and self-absorbed, McDermitt’s character, Stuart Lane, adds an intriguing dynamic to the stellar ensemble. The official logline for the series sets the stage for a gripping narrative, stating, “Ted is surrounded by a stellar group of characters who test their loyalties to both Ted and each other while they can’t help but mix their personal and professional lives. All of this is going on while events from years ago slowly unravel that led Ted to leave behind everything and everyone he loved.”

The spinoff, titled Suits: LA, is the brainchild of original series creator Aaron Korsh. Building on the legacy of Suits, which aired for nine seasons from 2011 to 2019, the spinoff taps into the same universe.

Suits: LA

As Suits gained renewed popularity after streaming on Netflix in 2023, surpassing an impressive 45 billion minutes on Netflix and Peacock combined, the anticipation for Suits: LA is palpable.

Executive produced by David Bartis, Doug Liman, Gene Klein, and Victoria Mahoney, with Mahoney also taking on the directorial duties for the pilot, the spinoff promises a fresh take on the legal drama.

McDermitt, known for his role as Eugene Porter on The Walking Dead from Season 4 through Season 11, brings his versatile talent to the Suits: LA ensemble.

As the legal drama unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles, fans can expect McDermitt’s Stuart Lane to contribute to the rich tapestry of characters in this eagerly awaited “Suits” spinoff.

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