‘Flower Moon,’ ‘Barbie,’ ‘Succession’ Triumph at Casting Society Artios Awards

In a dazzling celebration of talent, the 39th annual Casting Society Artios Awards witnessed victories for outstanding casting in films, TV, and theater. The winners included Killers of the Flower Moon, Barbie, and The Holdovers in the film category.

This year’s ceremony marked a triumphant return to in-person celebrations after a three-year hiatus. The event unfolded in Los Angeles and New York City, with hosts Niecy Nash-Betts and comedian Alex Edelman sharing emcee duties. Additionally, a separate ceremony recognized casting directors in London.

A significant highlight of the evening was the introduction of the Academy Award for casting, set to debut in 2026. This addition reflects a long-standing campaign for the acknowledgment of casting as a crucial element in filmmaking.

The prestigious Lynn Stalmaster Award Career Achievement was bestowed upon Ava DuVernay, who used the occasion to express gratitude to Academy governors advocating for the new Oscars category.

Casting Society Artios Awards

DuVernay emphasized the importance of recognizing casting directors and dedicated a significant portion of her acceptance speech to Aisha Coley, her longtime collaborator.

DuVernay shared a poignant anecdote from their work on Origin, illustrating Coley’s dedication to authentic casting. When DuVernay insisted on casting Dalits for Dalit roles, a historically marginalized group, Coley faced the challenge of sourcing actors.

Undeterred, she scouted the Indian diaspora, ensuring that every person portraying a Dalit in the film was indeed from that community.

The Casting Society Artios Awards not only celebrated the year’s outstanding casting achievements but also marked a pivotal moment with the acknowledgment of casting as a crucial aspect of filmmaking, setting the stage for continued recognition in the years to come.

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