CJ ENM Taps Jung Jhong-hwan as President of Global Content for Expanding Horizons

In a strategic move to fortify its global content production and distribution, CJ ENM, the Korean entertainment powerhouse, has appointed Jung Jhong-hwan as President of Content, Global Business.

Stepping into the role with immediate effect, Jung, who previously served as the head of global integration within CJ ENM, brings a wealth of experience to lead the conglomerate’s multi-studio approach to business.

Jung’s impressive track record includes overseeing the establishment and growth of CJ Group’s global businesses, playing a pivotal role in creating synergy in core global ventures, managing the acquisition deal of Schwan’s, and enhancing the structural efficiency of CJ.

As a board member of Fifth Season, he was also part of the team involved in CJ ENM’s acquisition of the company, formerly Endeavor Content’s scripted business.

In his new capacity, Jung is tasked with augmenting the production capacity for non-scripted content and expanding CJ ENM’s distribution networks both locally and internationally in 2024.

Jung Jhong-hwan

A CJ ENM spokesperson emphasized, “Our objective is to expedite CJ ENM’s global expansion by strengthening the competitiveness of the content industry’s core and assembling a sustainable business structure.”

CJ ENM’s robust film and TV production operations encompass Studio Dragon, CJ ENM Studio, and Fifth Season. Recent notable releases include the popular Korean shows Castaway Diva and a new season of Unexpected Business.

Fifth Season, post-Hollywood strikes, delivered impactful content like season 2 of Tokyo Vice and new series like Strife, along with second seasons of Severance for Apple TV+ and Nine Perfect Strangers for Hulu.

Jung Jhong-hwan’s leadership aligns with CJ ENM’s illustrious history, contributing to acclaimed projects like the Oscar-winning film Parasite, Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots, and record-breaking Korean films such as Roaring Currents. With Jung at the helm, CJ ENM charts an ambitious course to continue delivering compelling content on the global stage.

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