BTS’ J-Hope Unveils ‘Hope On The Street’ Docuseries Premiere Date on Prime Video

BTS enthusiasts, mark your calendars! J-Hope is set to grace our screens with the much-anticipated docuseries, ‘Hope on the Street,’ premiering on Prime Video on March 28. Brace yourselves for a weekly dose of J-Hope magic, with episodes dropping every Thursday and Friday, reports Deadline.

Produced by Hybe and reaching over 240 countries and territories worldwide, ‘Hope on the Street’ unfolds as a six-episode journey delving into J-Hope’s illustrious career and his unwavering passion for dance. Embarking on a new chapter in his 12th year since debut, J-Hope revisits his roots as a dancer, with the docuseries featuring tracks from his special album, ‘Hope on the Street Vol. 1,’ slated for launch on March 29 at 1 pm, Korea time.

The series shadows J-Hope and his former instructor, the popping maestro Boogaloo Kin, as they traverse the vibrant streets of Osaka, Seoul, Paris, New York, and Gwangju. Throughout their journey, they encounter and connect with awe-inspiring street dancers, adding an extra layer of excitement to the narrative.

While J-Hope is currently fulfilling his mandatory 18-month military service, which commenced in April 2023, fans can look forward to his return along with the entire BTS ensemble in 2025 when their military training concludes.

Hope on the Street‘ marks the latest addition to BTS’ documentary repertoire, following the successful collaboration with Prime Video on the concert film ‘Yet to Come’ and a comprehensive partnership with Disney, featuring behind-the-scenes gems like ‘BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star,’ scheduled for release later this year.

As streaming platforms increasingly shift focus to producing original content, ‘Hope on the Street‘ emerges as a testament to the global appeal of Korean entertainment. Prime Video, despite recent restructuring, continues to invest in captivating originals, ensuring a steady stream of content for audiences worldwide.

Prepare to witness the rhythmic odyssey of J-Hope like never before—’Hope on the Street‘ promises to be a visual and auditory feast for BTS enthusiasts and music aficionados alike.

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