Ari Lennox Says “I’ll F**k You Up” to Fan Who Threw Bottle at Rod Wave Concert!

Ari Lennox, the latest sensation, faced an unexpected twist during her Rod Wave concert opening act. While Lennox was setting the stage on fire, not every concertgoer seemed to be vibing with her performance, when a fan threw a bottle at her while she was belting out her most popular song, Pressure.

Reacting with fiery passion, Lennox confronted the fan angrily, letting out a blunt, “I’ll f*ck you up.” before her bodyguard quickly ran to the stage to ensure there wasn’t any physical alteration to follow.

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In a light-hearted response to the bottle incident, a fan tweeted, “I need Ari Lennox to add her cursing out that bottle thrower to the end of one of her tracks 😩😂.” another fan voiced concerns, saying, “I don’t even like Ari Lennox on the Rod Wave tour. She deserves better fr.” Lennox’s supporters are rallying behind her, emphasizing the need for respect in the music community.

While other fans continued to shower praise on Lennox for her impeccable fashion choices and physique. One fan admitted, “Ari Lennox just made me start intermittent fasting and the keto diet.”

As fans celebrate how Lennox reacted, this unfortunate incident serves as a quirky reminder that, there’s always someone out there that doesn’t like you.

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