Nardo Wick Entourage Scandal: Rapper Responds to Violent Assault Caught On Camera!

Nardo Wick entourage brutally assaulted a 20-year-old fan, leaving him in critical condition. George Obregon, who approached Wick for a photo after the concert, was blindsided and knocked unconscious, suffering a concussion and brain bleed.

The attack, captured on disturbing social media footage, shows Obregon, with VIP tickets, approaching Wick peacefully before being brutally attacked. Tampa police are seeking assistance in identifying the two suspects, emphasizing the unprovoked nature of the assault.

George’s mother, Michelle Obregon, expressed her shock and dismay, emphasizing her son’s non-aggressive approach. She urged the public to witness the brutality inflicted on her son.

“I want everyone to see what these motherf—ers did to my son.”

Wick, known for hits like Who Want Smoke?, condemned the attack in a statement, expressing sorrow and concern for George’s well-being. He asserted that he tried to intervene during the assault, emphasizing his lack of control over the actions of others.

The rapper’s team released a statement, clarifying that the attackers were not part of Wick’s security or directly connected to him. They emphasized Wick’s immediate outreach to the victim’s mother and ongoing concern for George’s recovery.

As per WFLA, Tampa police have released photos of the potential suspects and are urging witnesses to come forward. The incident has sparked outrage on social media. People are condemning the violence against a fan seeking a photo with his favorite artist.

Wick’s apology and condemnation of the attack aim to distance himself from the actions of his ‘Nardo Wick Entourage’, emphasizing his commitment to his fans’ safety and well-being.

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