All Upcoming Game of Thrones Spinoffs: A Targaryen Tale Unfolding

The realm of Westeros is set for a Targaryen-centric extravaganza as HBO maps out its grand plan for Game of Thrones spinoffs. House of the Dragon Season 2, ready to grace screens in Summer 2024, is just the beginning of a Targaryen saga.

As per Screen Rant, following closely is A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, anticipated for 2025. As the table reveals, the Targaryen trend extends to several more upcoming spinoffs.

Upcoming Game of Thrones Spinoffs

  1. House of the Dragon Season 2: Releases Summer 2024
  2. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight: Expected 2025
  3. Nine Voyages: Animated Corlys Velaryon spinoff (In-development)
  4. 10,000 Ships: Spinoff focused on Princess Nymeria (In-development)
  5. The Golden Empire: Animated spinoff set in Yi Ti (In-development)
  6. Aegon’s Conquest: In-development
  7. Jon Snow Sequel: In-development

The Targaryen-centric trend reaches its zenith, focusing on characters named Aegon Targaryen. This includes Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) and historical figures such as Aegon II, Aegon the Younger, and Aegon V Targaryen.

Game of thrones Spinoffs

Aegon Targaryens Across Spinoffs

  1. Aegon II Targaryen: House of the Dragon – Tom Glynn-Carney
  2. Aegon the Younger: House of the Dragon – Jake and Rory Heard
  3. Aegon V Targaryen (Egg): A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – TBD
  4. Aegon the Conqueror: Aegon’s Conquest – TBD
  5. Jon Snow: Snow sequel show – Kit Harington

Yet, amidst this Targaryen extravaganza, one notable Aegon is missing – Aegon IV Targaryen, ironically known as “the Unworthy.”

His absence leaves room for exploration of the Blackfyre Rebellions, offering a potential anthology series rich in political intrigue, familial rivalry, and complex characters.

While HBO unfolds the saga of Aegons, book readers may lament the exclusion of Young Griff from the Game of Thrones adaptation. A character from George R.R. Martin’s novels, Young Griff is yet to make a screen appearance, leaving book fans eager to witness the twists in his tale.

The proliferation of Aegons in Game of Thrones spinoffs is more than a regal name; it hints at deeper connections, prophecies, and a fascinating exploration of Targaryen history.

As HBO prepares to transport audiences across Westeros once again, the reign of Aegons promises a captivating and multi-dimensional narrative. Winter is coming, and with it, a Targaryen era takes flight.

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