How to Watch ‘The Inheritance’ in Canada?

Channel 5’s production “The Inheritance” boasts an impressive British ensemble featuring former Coronation Street actor Rob James-Collier. You will need a VPN to Watch ‘The Inheritance’ in Canada.

Channel 5, similar to all public service broadcasters, airs a diverse range of programs. The channel primarily features documentaries and drama, complemented by entertainment shows, reality TV, and quiz programs within its programming lineup.

In “The Inheritance,” three siblings embark on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth about their late father’s demise. Larry Lamb takes on the role of their father, Dennis Watson, whose sudden passing triggers a series of revelations. The grieving siblings soon discover that the anticipated inheritance has not materialized, to their dismay.

Quick Steps: How to Watch The Inheritance in Canada for FREE

Follow these simple steps to watch The Inheritance

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to Channel 5

  5. Watch The Inheritance on Channel 5

Why do you need a VPN to watch ‘The Inheritance’?

Channel 5 cannot be accessed in Canada due to geographical limitations set by the streaming platform. A viable solution is to employ a VPN to gain entry to Channel 5 in Canada. A VPN facilitates a connection to a server in a compatible country, deceiving Channel 5 into presuming that your access originates from an authorized region. Consequently, by linking to a VPN server in the United Kingdom, where Channel 5 is accessible, it becomes feasible to circumvent the geographical barriers and relish the content from Canada.

Where to Stream ‘The Inheritance’ in Canada?

You can watch ‘The Inheritance’ exclusively on Channel 5. For streaming in Canada, you would need a VPN, and we highly recommend using a VPN.

Channel5 is a 100% FREE service with no subscription fee – you will never be charged to use Channel5. You will be asked to register (for FREE) and sign in to Channel 5 to watch your favorite shows.

Best VPNs to Watch ‘The Inheritance’ on Channel 5 in Canada!

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Mark Your Calendar – Release Date of The Inheritance Unveiled!

“The Inheritance” premieres on Channel 5 on Monday, September 4th, at 9 pm. This four-part drama will air weekly on Mondays simultaneously, concluding on Monday, September 25th. Additionally, viewers can access episodes on the streaming service My5.

Sneak Peak into the Trailer of The Inheritance.

The trailer shows easter eggs about Larry Lamb’s Dennis Watson leaving a message from beyond the grave to his three grown-up children.

It sees them being told that their dad had changed his will, and they’re no longer the beneficiaries. Instead, everything belongs to his new wife! A shocking revelation for his children.

Unveiling the Intriguing Plot of ‘The Inheritance’!

“The Inheritance” revolves around the lives of three siblings: Daniel (played by Robert James-Collier), Sian (portrayed by Gaynor Faye), and Chloe (enacted by Jemima Rooper), who appear to be part of a seemingly close-knit and affectionate family. However, their world is turned upside down following the sudden passing of their father, Dennis (brought to life by Larry Lamb). The shock deepens when they discover that the expected inheritance they had counted on is conspicuously absent from his will.

This revelation prompts them to question the circumstances surrounding their father’s demise, believed initially to be an accident. Doubts arise as to whether it might have been a murder. Their quest for the truth takes them down a treacherous path, unraveling long-concealed secrets, the fracturing of relationships, and even the loss of lives.

Gradually, the siblings begin to suspect the involvement of a mysterious woman in their father’s death. Yet, amid their investigation, they find themselves harboring dark secrets from one another.

The Ensemble of ‘The Inheritance’

Jemima RooperChloe
Robert James-CollierDaniel Watson
Gaynor FayeSian
Larry LambDennis Watson
Samantha BondMysterious Susan
Kevin WhatelyMichael
Adil RayPete

Official Synopsis

Three siblings are left reeling after the unexpected death of their father. Secrets are exploded, relationships ripped apart, and lives lost as they try desperately to claw back the inheritance that they have lost.


Episode Guide – The Inheritance

Here’s our brief episode guide for The Inheritance. Turn away if you don’t want to see the few spoilers!

Episode 1 – Summary

In the first episode, we witness the profound impact on three siblings – Daniel, Sian, and Cloe Watson – following their father Dennis’s sudden and unforeseen demise. When they discover they’ve been excluded from their father’s will, they embark on a perilous journey to ascertain whether his death was a tragic accident or possibly a murder.

Episode 2 – Summary

In the second episode, as the investigation into Dennis Watson’s death gains official police attention, the Watson siblings strive to locate their father’s previous will. Their desperate hope is to establish his original intentions and disprove the notion that his death was accidental.

Episode 3 – Summary

In the third episode, the Watson siblings are taken aback when their family residence is unlawfully entered. Chloe is left increasingly perplexed about Susan’s involvement in the entire affair, while Daniel faces mounting pressure to repay a loan, with Glen growing more menacing and insistent. Sian’s newfound relationship with estate agent Nathan triggers jealousy in Glen, leading to particularly hostile actions.

Episode 4 – TBA

Ratings of the Show!

Currently, there aren’t any ratings for the show.

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What is the Release date of The Inheritance?

“The Inheritance” premieres on Channel 5 on Monday, September 4th, at 9 pm

What is the official synopsis of the show?

Three siblings are left reeling after the unexpected death of their father. Secrets are exploded, relationships are ripped apart, and lives are lost as they try desperately to claw back the inheritance that they have lost.

Will the show be available to stream in Canada?

The show won’t be available to stream in Canada, although you can use a VPN to avoid geological restrictions.

The End!

“The Inheritance” follows three siblings investigating their father’s mysterious death. When they learn their expected inheritance is missing, it strains their family bonds, revealing buried secrets and raising questions about the strength of familial ties. Larry Lamb portrays the deceased father, Dennis Watson, in this gripping drama.

So grab your popcorn and watch the new drama thriller ‘The Inheritance.’ If you are an enthusiast for Thriller TV Shows, you will love this one. “The Inheritance” premieres on Channel 5 on Monday, September 4th, at 9 pm.

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