Boots Riley Critiques David Fincher’s Hollywood Strike Perspective

Director, writer, and musician Boots Riley has responded to recent comments made by David Fincher regarding the ongoing writers and actors strikes in Hollywood.

While promoting his upcoming Netflix movie, The Killer, at the Venice Film Festival, Fincher referred to the strikes as “very sad” and expressed his understanding of both sides. However, Riley criticized Fincher’s “confused take” on social media, claiming that the filmmaker has a distorted worldview.

Riley argued that Fincher’s comments about understanding both sides “makes no sense in the context of where we’re at: WGA has countered AMPTP’s (pronounced Armpit) 113-day late offer & AMPTP is refusing to come back w a counter to that & r ‘not talking.'”

Despite his disagreement with Fincher, Boots Riley acknowledged the filmmaker’s talent and the great films he has made: “But yes, Fincher has made some great films. I can disagree with someone, and even disagree with a common theme in their art, and still recognize and appreciate things that are great about their [art]. I shouldn’t need to say this, but apparently I need to make this clear.”

Fincher attended the world premiere of his film, The Killer, without its stars, Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton, who were absent due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. SAG-AFTRA has granted festival promotion waivers to select independent titles, allowing their attendance.

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