I Am Groot Director Wants A Baby Groot Movie

Kirsten Lepore, the director behind Disney+’s I Am Groot, has expressed her desire to continue exploring the escapades of the diminutive Guardian of the Galaxy, Baby Groot, on the silver screen.

In a recent discussion with Josh Wilding, the director shared her deep affection for the character of Baby Groot and her aspirations for upcoming projects involving him. “I would be very interested in [Season 3],” Lepore said. “It would be very cool to see a feature-length Baby Groot, for sure, and I feel like that’s all I can say. I enjoy working with this character in any capacity they will allow me to.”

Lepore also discussed her role in adding to the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe, acknowledging that she doesn’t possess extensive knowledge of the comic books that inspired the franchise.

“I’ve become so much more of a fan through that process as well, and it hits even harder when I walk into Hot Topic and find a wall of Groot toys and seven of them are all from the shorts we wrote for Season 1,” she explained. “It’s totally an honor to have any place in this massive world of mythology Marvel is creating.”

Season 1 of I Am Groot can be streamed on Disney+, while the premiere of Season 2 releases on September 6, 2023.

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