How To Watch ‘The Murder Tapes Season 9’ In Canada On Discovery Plus

Ready to grace screens exclusively through Discovery Plus on August 22, 2023, the premiere of The Murder Tapes Season 9 generates palpable anticipation. While viewers face a hurdle – geo-restrictions. By using a VPN, you can seamlessly surmount these barriers and watch The Murder Tapes Season 9 Discovery Plus in Canada.

The excitement is palpable as we approach the pinnacle of anticipation for The Murder Tapes Season 9, orchestrated by the visionary director Ricky Lewis. Embark on an odyssey through a landscape of suspense, methodical inquiry, and unfiltered visceral reactions. Prepare to immerse yourself in the compelling and enthralling stories that eagerly await in the approaching season.

Quick Steps: How to Watch The Murder Tapes Season 9 on Discovery Chanenl in Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch The Murder Tapes Season 9

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the USA

  4. Login to Discovery Channel

  5. Watch The Murder Tapes Season 9 on Discovery Channel

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch The Murder Tapes Season 9 In Canada

Delving into the world of documentaries becomes more accessible and intriguing with the aid of a VPN. When you’re eager to watch a documentary that’s not available in your country due to licensing or content restrictions, a VPN offers a simple solution. By connecting to servers located in various countries, a VPN disguises your actual location and grants you access to a wider array of documentaries from around the globe.

This not only enriches your viewing experience but also keeps your online activities private and shielded from potential cyber threats. Embrace the power of a VPN to embark on a cinematic journey, exploring captivating documentaries that transcend geographical barriers.

Where can I watch The Murder Tapes Season 9 online in Canada?

Enthusiasts of true crime, deeply engrossed in the impending arrival of The Murder Tapes Season 9, are undoubtedly inquisitive about the optimal channel for indulging in the suspense-laden narrative. The realm of streaming comes to the rescue, offering an exclusive vantage point to the enthralling investigations through esteemed platforms like Investigation Discovery, Discovery Plus, and HBO Max.

Discovery Plus offers a convenient streaming solution as it brings together a diverse array of content, including The Murder Tapes Season 9. With its user-friendly interface and curated true crime collection, Discovery Plus caters to those who want an immersive experience delving into the world of criminal investigations. Before immersing yourself in the captivating world of Discovery Plus, take advantage of the 7-day free trial to experience the platform’s extensive collection. Once you’re hooked, choose from a variety of subscription plans that cater to your preferences and budget. Below is a breakdown of the available plans:

(With Ads)
US$4.99/monthAccess to a library of popular shows, movies, documentaries, live TV, and more.
US$6.99/monthEnjoy all the features of the With Ads plan without any interruptions.
US$2.99/monthEligible for veterans, active-duty military personnel, dependents, and students.
Discovery Plus via Amazon Prime7-day free trial, then US$4.99/month with ads or US$6.99/month ad-freeSeamlessly access Discovery Plus through Prime Video.

However, if you are located in a region where streaming platforms might not be available or the content might be geo-restricted, a VPN can come to the rescue. By using a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, viewers can change their virtual location to access content that would otherwise be inaccessible. This means that even if The Murder Tapes Season 9 isn’t available in your region, you can still enjoy the show’s gripping narratives by virtually connecting to a region where it is accessible.

Best VPNs to watch The Murder Tapes Season 9 in Canada on Discovery Plus

Through extensive research and careful evaluation, we have diligently identified the most trustworthy VPN services for ensuring a seamless experience to watch The Murder Tapes Season 9 in Canada on Discovery Plus. With the help of a VPN, you can also stream Survive The Raft, Expedition X, Be My Guest With Ina Garten, and many others. Our comprehensive analysis has uncovered two standout VPN providers that can be relied upon with confidence:

  • After thorough analysis, ExpressVPN has emerged as a top-tier VPN service in the United States to access content on Max online. Its exceptional server connections set it apart, delivering remarkable speed and performance. With subscription plans starting at an attractive rate of approximately US$ 6.67 per month, ExpressVPN offers excellent value for money. Moreover, by committing to a full year, users can enjoy The Murder Tapes Season 9 at a generous 49% discount and receive an additional three months of service free.
  • Another highly recommended option is NordVPN, known for its impressive network of servers that effortlessly bypass location restrictions. This VPN service excels at unblocking websites from any corner of the globe. With their 2-year plan, users can take advantage of an outstanding 60% discount, resulting in a remarkably low monthly cost of only approximately US$3.49. NordVPN truly stands out as an affordable and reliable choice for streaming The Murder Tapes Season 9.

Don’t Miss Out: Watch the trailer of The Murder Tapes Season 9

The hallmark that sets The Murder Tapes series apart is its resolute commitment to authenticity. This commitment resonates strongly in the trailer, which provides brief yet powerful glimpses into the world of body cam recordings, surveillance footage, and the high-stakes drama within interrogation rooms. By granting viewers unadulterated access to the concealed elements of investigations, the series acquires an added layer of authenticity. The trailer effectively pledges that Season 9 will continue to deliver on this promise.

Exciting News: The release date of Murder Tapes Season 9 has been revealed!

Circle the date on your schedules as August 22, 2023, signifies the eagerly anticipated debut of The Murder Tapes Season 9. This captivating documentary series will divulge a total of four compelling episodes, with fresh segments gracing screens each Tuesday. Brace yourself for a riveting experience as audiences are engrossed in the ongoing investigations, maintaining a constant state of suspense.

Official Synopsis

“Homicide investigations unfold through dramatic real footage.”


Slicing through Deception

Unveiling the realm of real-life crime investigations, Investigation Discovery’s The Murder Tapes true-crime documentary series takes audiences on an immersive journey into the evolution of authentic criminal events and the subsequent pursuit of justice. Through unfiltered and untamed visuals, the series provides an unadulterated look at the intricate puzzle of murder cases, drawing from a diverse well of sources such as body-cam footage, surveillance captures, and recordings from intense interrogation room sessions. These visuals are seamlessly interwoven with modern-day interviews, creating a captivating tapestry of storytelling.

Employing a dynamic approach, the series masterfully blends the perspectives of those directly involved – from family members and friends to the dedicated law enforcement personnel who play pivotal roles in these unfolding narratives. This mosaic of voices paints a vivid portrait, delving into the fine-grained details and emotional complexities that make up each case. The end result is a riveting depiction that captures the urgency of the quest for truth, infused with the deeply human elements inherent in the pursuit of justice.

By authentically portraying the challenges faced by law enforcement officers and investigators, The Murder Tapes immerses viewers in the labyrinthine world of unraveling crime. Rooted in actual events, the series aims to illuminate the captivating and often grim landscape of criminal investigations.

Continuing in the footsteps of its predecessor, Season 9 of the series maintains its firm grip on the portrayal of real-life homicide inquiries. Devotees of the show can anticipate a fresh compilation of gripping murder cases, each presented through the unfiltered lens of raw footage.

Unveiling the cast of The Murder Tapes Season 9

Guided by the masterful voice of Dave DeAndrea and a dedicated ensemble, combined with the insight of executive producers, Season 9 of The Murder Tapes is set to unveil an array of gripping and heart-pounding crime chronicles sure to grip the imagination of its audience.

Cast MemberRole
Dave DeAndreaNarrator
Geno McDermottExecutive Producer
Tim BaneyExecutive Producer

Who is the narrator of The Murder Tapes Season 9?

Immersed in the riveting universe of true crime documentaries, the pivotal role of the host takes center stage, skillfully steering spectators through the intricate interplay of investigations and feelings. As the long-awaited premiere of The Murder Tapes Season 9 approaches, aficionados are set to once again encounter the seasoned and mesmerizing voice of Dave DeAndrea. He expertly navigates viewers through these gripping real-world homicide probes, infusing each episode with profound layers of emotion and intensity.

How many episodes of The Murder Tapes Season 9 are there?

With excitement mounting for the highly-anticipated revival of the captivating true crime series, The Murder Tapes, enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats, craving insights into the upcoming ninth season’s episode count. Season 9 stands ready to present a set of four profoundly gripping episodes, each providing an unparalleled and uncensored view into the intricate world of actual homicide inquiries.

Episode No.Release DateTitleSummary
1August 22, 2023Blood in the SnowNoah Kinney’s shooting death in Akron triggers a manhunt, with shocking video evidence cracking the case.
2August 29, 2023The Elder MurdersA community is shaken by murder, leading detectives on a quest for answers, only to uncover a second crime.
3September 5, 2023Killer on CameraA bar shooting evolves into a relentless murder investigation on Main Street, revealing chilling secrets.
4September 12, 2023Who Killed the Landlord?A house fire exposes a deadly mystery, propelling detectives through a web of suspects to a chilling revelation.

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of The Murder Tapes

The Murder Tapes IMDb

Check out these fan reactions!


How does The Murder Tapes handle sensitive content?

The Murder Tapes acknowledges the sensitivity of its subject matter and aims to balance an honest portrayal of crime investigations while avoiding gratuitous content. Graphic or distressing images are typically used judiciously, focusing on providing insight into the investigative process rather than sensationalizing violence.

Are the cases portrayed in The Murder Tapes real?

Yes, The Murder Tapes is based on real-life homicide cases, offering an authentic portrayal of actual events.

Can I watch The Murder Tapes online or through streaming platforms?

Yes, you can tune in to The Murder Tapes on Investigation Discovery, the network that airs the show. However, it can also be enjoyed through various streaming platforms like Discovery Plus and HBO Max.

Wrapping Up!

As anticipation heightens for the premiere of The Murder Tapes Season 9, fervent followers of true crime and insatiably curious minds will soon be drawn into the intricate world of homicide inquiries. Providing unfiltered access to genuine real-life visuals and candid insights from those intricately linked to these cases, the series ensures an enduringly captivating and unforgettable encounter. The Murder Tapes serves as a poignant embodiment of the unrelenting quest for justice and the intricate voyage required to decipher intricate criminal conundrums.

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