The Drew Barrymore Show Stays Silent on Strike Controversy

Drew Barrymore made her return to daytime television with a somewhat quiet comeback on CBS. In the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, she sat down with award-winning recording artist Shania Twain. However, she decided not to address the controversy surrounding her return after the writers’ strike ended and the actors’ strike continued.

The show’s premiere and first new episode in months began with Barrymore diving right into her conversation with Twain, declaring, “Alright everybody, welcome to season four! Let’s go, girls!”

Despite her previous encounter with picketers when she announced her plans to bring back her WGA-covered talk show shortly before the Writers Guild and AMPTP reached an agreement, Barrymore found herself in Twain’s Vegas farm, far away from her New York City studio.

During their sit-down on Twain’s couch, the two discussed various topics, such as Twain’s passion for horses and the therapeutic power of equine therapy. She also opened up about wanting to be multifaceted in her personal and creative life, as well as her journey of parenting her siblings in her early 20s after the death of both her parents.

The conversation delved into Twain’s fears during her 15-year hiatus due to undiagnosed Lyme disease, her transition to primarily songwriting after her medical diagnosis, and her motivations behind her new song, Queen of Me. To cap it off, Twain took Barrymore for a horse ride and taught her a lesson.

The Drew Barrymore Show returned two weeks after several former writers declined to rejoin it following her initial announcement on September 10 amid the writers’ strike. While other shows covered by the Writers Guild of America also made similar plans during the work stoppage, which ended on September 26, Barrymore faced significant backlash for her decision.

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