Gen V Creator on Puppet Massacre Inspiration

Prime Video‘s Gen V season 1 episode 5 hit fans right in the feels! As the story unfolded, the usual shenanigans, wild twists, and mind-bending challenges sent our beloved characters on time-traveling adventures. But it was the muppet massacre that truly stole the show.

Speaking of how the idea of these murderous muppets came to life, Gen V showrunner Michele Fazekas explained the process:

“Yeah. I can’t remember what came first, the Jason Ritter scene or the puppet scene. But Jason Ritter was always the pitch for the Jason Ritter scene because we worked with him on an ABC show called Kevin (Probably) Saves World, and he can do anything and is such a delightful person. It comes out of story and character. We wanted to show the stress on Sam and grappling with a mental illness story, so you have to have the underpinnings of real drama and real stakes to build the outrageous off of it.”

Gen V episode 5 Muppet Massacre

Fazekas added, “Then really weirdly, when we started talking about it with production, our head of makeup department goes, ‘I could do that. I’ve built puppets before.’ So, he built all the puppets. I have one of the guards. I think people were a little nervous about, is this going to look good? Is this going to be stupid? We’re not going to shoot it like muppets. We’re going to shoot it and cut it like an actual fight sequence. The only difference is it’s puppets, but then having the sparkles and silly string instead of blood. That was one of the more amazing things that any of us have been involved with.”

Fresh episodes of Gen V are released every Friday on Prime Video.

Noor Tariq

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