Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai Trailer Is An Action-Packed Treat

The initial trailer for Michael Green and Amber Noizumi’s new Netflix anime, Blue Eye Samurai, teases an action-packed and violent journey led by a mixed-race sword master.

This glimpse into the upcoming animated series provides a broader view of the protagonist, Mizu, voiced by Maya Erskine, as she seeks revenge against the man of European descent who not only took her mother but also turned her into a monster.

Amber Noizumi, who is half-Japanese, shared that the concept for the show stemmed from her own concerns about race and identity, particularly related to her daughter’s appearance. She questioned the significance of having a daughter with blue eyes and the excitement it brought her.

This exploration led to the creation of Mizu, who navigates a world where being white was illegal during the Edo period. Set in 17th-century Edo-period Japan, Mizu is a mixed-race samurai referred to as a “blue-eyed monster” by others.

Living in disguise, she plans to kill four men, including a potential father figure, in a society where revenge is a luxury for men and practicality is expected of women. Mizu, uninterested in matters of love, friendship, or weakness, is determined to eliminate any obstacles in her path.

The enemies she faces put up a strong fight, with the teaser showcasing intense battle sequences that occur in various locations, from snowy plains to mountains surrounded by magma. One character exclaims, “I said the samurai could not be stopped, but you wouldn’t listen.” The trailer promises a visual feast and emphasizes Mizu’s internal struggles. Behind her mask, there may be someone whose anger stems from deep emotional pain.

The star-studded voice cast of Blue Eye Samurai includes George Takei, Seki Masi Oka, Ringo Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Brenda Song, Darren Barnet, Randall Park, Kenneth Branagh, Abijah Fowler, Stephanie Hsu, Ise Ming-Na Wen, Harry Shum Jr., and Mark Dacascos.

The series is a collaboration between Noizumi, Green, and Erwin Stoff. Jane Wu serves as the supervising director and producer, while Blue Spirit handles the animation. The show is a hybrid of 2D and 3D animation, with characters designed after Bunraku puppets, traditional Japanese puppets that stand about 3 feet tall.

Blue Eye Samurai is set to premiere on Netflix on November 3rd.

Noor Tariq

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