Patrick J. Adams Regrets Meghan Markle ‘Suits’ BTS Amid Strike

Patrick J Adams recently expressed nostalgia for his time on the hit show Suits, but he has now apologized for his recent posts, acknowledging that they were insensitive during the ongoing actors’ strike.

In an Instagram statement, Adams admitted that he had let himself be distracted and apologized for his actions. He also expressed gratitude to those who pointed out his mistake and emphasized his commitment to continue supporting the fight for fair compensation and protections for SAG-AFTRA members.

The actor had initially shared behind-the-scenes photos of the Suits cast members, including Meghan Markle, his former love interest on the show. This led to speculation about a potential Season 10 and sparked renewed interest in the series, which has been gaining popularity on platforms like Netflix and Peacock.

Patrick J Adams Suits

However, Adams later realized that his posts were inappropriate given the ongoing strike by SAG-AFTRA members, who are not allowed to participate in any promotional activities for projects under union contract.

He swiftly deleted the posts and expressed his regret for the oversight. Markle and Adams played key roles on Suits for seven seasons, with their characters engaging in a captivating love story. Since then, Markle has married Prince Harry and become the Duchess of Sussex, while Adams briefly returned for the show’s final season.

Both actors have moved on to other projects but remain beloved by fans. Despite the recent surge in Suits‘ popularity on streaming platforms, the original writers of the show have faced challenges and received minimal residuals for their work.

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