Judges Tease A Digital Model in ‘Lego Masters!’ Season 4

An exciting new season of Fox’s competition series, LEGO Masters! Season 4 is on its way. Returning to judge the creative genius of the contestants are Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, and the charming and witty Will Arnett is back as the host and executive producer.

Judges Corbett and Berard dive into the inside details of LEGO Masters! Season 4. Berard shared the surprises that await audiences this time:

“I think beyond having [cameos], there’s an introduction to a universe that people at home will know and love, like 2K Games. We actually have a challenge where the builders are making remote control cars, and the winning car will actually become a digital version that people at home can experience in their own game.”

He elaborated, “This is like a double win this season that not only is there a LEGO model at the end of the winning team, but there’s a digital model that kids can experience in a game space. So, I would say that was actually pretty impressive.”

Speaking of her favourite challenges this season, Corbet shared:

“I mean, who doesn’t love having cute kittens in the studio? So that was certainly a great day for filming. It was a really fun challenge for our team because they had to take their kittens — they all have unique personalities — and make houses for them that would really suit them. And so we definitely had a lot of fun with that challenge.”

Berard added, “And the Cirque du Soleil! If you’ve ever seen their shows, they’ve just elevated performance art to a whole ‘nother level. They came into the studio, and everyone got to see a Cirque du Soleil show perfectly curated just for us. But then they had to somehow translate all of that beauty, all of that creativity into a LEGO model. But it wasn’t in the usual context; we actually brought them out of their comfort zones and tried to pair them together to create something that they’ve never had to do before.”

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