Gen V Star Chance Perdomo on the Subtext of ‘The Boys’ Spin-Off

Amazon Prime Video is gearing up for the highly-anticipated The Boys spin-off series, Gen V, promising a dose of blood and gore. However, beneath the surface of shock-value moments in both shows lie profound themes exploring the complexities of humanity, encompassing both its virtuous and dark aspects.

In an interview with Amazon Prime Video, Chance Perdomo, the star of Gen V, took a moment to delve into these themes and express his admiration for how the series skillfully navigates the intricate character dynamics found on both sides of the moral spectrum.

“I love that [Gen V] is a social commentary without it inherently being a philosophical commentary, that it speaks to our society as a whole but doesn’t kind of penalize or chastise anybody for the answers that they come to, right?” he elaborates, “So, some people might not want to be a hero. They might just want to make money. Some people might want to actually be a hero, but then within that, there’s what is a hero to you.”

Gen V

Delving into the program’s human elements, Perdomo continues by stating, “The parts of the story that resonate for me and I always keep coming back to this, is that it really showcases the human aspects, you know, powers or no powers, that there’s something universal about everybody doing the best that they can with the cards that they have. Because that’s true for everyone on the planet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s being a parent, being a child, being good at your job, being good as a person, everyone is always doing the best with what they have.”

Perdomo finds gratification in witnessing how Gen V offers an opportunity to highlight these distinctions, “Now, your best won’t be my best, and I may not appreciate your best and vice versa, but everyone is always giving what they got with what they have. And I think it’s really beautiful that this show doesn’t cast judgment on a certain way to be. It just allows people to be people, the characters to be the characters, and the chips fall as they may as they do what they can.”

Gen V is set to make its debut with a three-episode premiere on Prime Video on September 29th.

Noor Tariq

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