A Murder At The End Of The World Is ‘So Ahead Of Its Time’

The opportunity to collaborate with Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij on Hulu’s A Murder At The End Of The World was a significant attraction for Emma Corrin.

In an interview with Empire, Corrin shared her thoughts on working with the duo, “I think they’re incredibly original. I almost feel like between them, they possess this second sight. It’s kind of spooky.”

Corrin added, “They are both a bit psychic in the way that they can feel things around them in the world, put pen to paper and capture something that’s in the ether, and almost predict it. To think they were writing this maybe five years ago… it’s so ahead of its time, and covers so much of what we’re dealing with now in terms of our existential dread and a world where technology plays a major part of our lives.”

A Murder at the end of the world

The series revolves around Darby Hart (Emma Corrin), who, along with eight other individuals, receives an invitation from a secluded billionaire, Andy (Clive Owen), to partake in a retreat set in a remote and stunning destination. However, when one of the guests is discovered deceased, Darby must employ her abilities to demonstrate that the death was a result of foul play.

A Murder At The End Of The World will be released on November 14, 2023.

Noor Tariq

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