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Step into the world of strategy & suspense with The Traitors Australia, a game show that challenges contestants to navigate a web of deception and betrayal. Stream it on BBC iPlayer, which is aired on 9 July 2023, this show can be streamed via a VPN in Australia. A VPN will help you access the BBC iPlayer in Australia & that’s how you can watch The Traitors Australia in Australia. BBC iPlayer is an British streaming site, they are know for providing the quality content for years, you must check out BBC iPlayer best series & BBC iPlayer best movies.

The Traitors game show features 24 Faithfull players in a luxurious hotel, completing missions to earn silver bars, while traitors collaborate to assassinate one to win, while faithful expose traitors.

Quick Steps: How To Watch 'The Traitors Australia' In Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch The Traitors Australia

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC iPlayer

  5. Watch The Traitors Australia on BBC iPlayer

Where Can I Watch The Traitors Australia In Australia For Free

You can stream The Traitors Australia in Australia on BBC iPlayer & Paramount Plus, Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime video, Paramount Plus through Apple tv+ & also on BBC iPlayer for free as BBC iPlayer is a free channel because it does not require any payment method, but to access BBC iPlayer you must need a VPN because the BBC iPlayer is not available in Australia. By using a VPN you can easily access the BBC iPlayer in Australia & can watch The Traitors Australia in Australia for free online.

Why Do We Need A VPN To Watch The Traitors Australia In Australia

To watch The Traitors Australia in Australia it is best advised to use the VPN because due to restrictions on content licensing and distribution agreements of BBC iplayer, it is not available outside UK. A VPN allows you to hide your IP address and connect to a server in the UK, tricking BBC iplayer into thinking you’re accessing the service from the UK. This way you can bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy BBC iplayer’s extensive content library from the comfort of your home in Australia.

Best VPNs To Watch The Traitors Australia In Australia For Free

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What Else You Stream On BBC iPlayer In Australia

There are many interesting tv shows on BBC iPlayer that you can stream in Australia just by getting a VPN one time and you can enjoy BBC iPlayer shows in Australia.

What Is The Release Date Of The Traitors Australia Australia

Prepare yourself to stream The Traitors Australia on BBC iPlayer which was released on 9 July 2023. You can watch this show by using a VPN in Australia.

Where Is The Official Trailer Of The Traitors Australia

Prepare for mind games, betrayals, and fierce competition. Watch the adrenaline-pumping trailer for ‘The Traitors Australia’ and discover who will outsmart, outmaneuver, and emerge as the ultimate victor.

What Is The Traitors Australia All About

We have everything you need to know about The Traitors. The Traitors begins with 24 players, known as Faithful, who share a luxurious old hotel where they must complete tasks to earn silver bars. Each evening, the Traitors must collaborate behind the backs of the Faithful, picking one of them to “murder” in order to win the game. On the other hand, the Faithful have a mission of their own – to expose the Traitors.

The Traitors Australia Australia Official Ratings

The Traitors Australia IMDb Rating are 8.0/10 & The Traitors Australia Rotten Tomatoes Ratings are 84%

The Host Of The Traitors Australia

Rodger Corser is the host of The Traitors in Australia. The 50-year-old Australian actor is best known for his portrayals of Detective Senior Sergeant Steve Owen in the Nine Network crime mini-series Underbelly and his role in Doctor, Doctor.

The Traitors Australia BBC Cast & Their Profiles

Here is the list of The Traitors Australia cast.

  • Claire, 52 – Supermarket Checkout Operator
  • Craig, 57 – Business Coach
  • Millie, 27 – Vet Nurse
  • Fiona, 26 – Dancer
  • Dirk, 34 – Hotel Concierge
  • Kate, 38 – Photographer
  • Lewis Wren, 33 – Electrician
  • Chloe, 30 – Clairvoyant
  • Paul, 61 – Financial Investigator
  • Marielle, 24 – Law & International Politics Student
  • Matt, 32 – Real Estate Agent
  • Alex Duggan, 25 – Model
  • Ethan, 27 – Fitness Instructor
  • Midy, 29 – Strategy Consultant
  • Sandra, 26 – Personal Trainer
  • Justine, 36 – Social Worker
  • Angus, 38 – Sales Manager
  • Jack, 25 – Chess Champion
  • Mark, 33 – Legal Professional
  • Nigel Brennan, 50 – Hostage Negotiator
  • Olivia Fisher, 43 – Forensic Investigator
  • Teresa, 42 – Sports Club President
  • MK, 59 – Criminal Lawyer
  • Kashindi, 20 – Law Student

The Traitors Australia Australia Guardian Review

The Guardian states that the Traitors Australia is a very popular reality TV show with wild, magical entertainment as well as fascinating play. The Australian version is characterised by players from ordinary life, which adds to the authenticity of the show.

The Guardian

Traitors Australia Episode Guide Is Here!

The Traitors Australia episodes, each delving deeper into the challenging dynamics of the game. Here’s a brief overview of the available episodes:

  • The Traitors Australia Episode 1 -The series has seen its biggest banishment yet, and the game is now down to the final five.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 2-As another Fathful is lost, distrust among Traitors rises as they begin to turn on each other.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 3-A war between Traitors ensues after a blindside at the last banishment, adding $16k to the pot. As a coup is attempted, two Traitors become suspicious.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 4- Traitors engage in a war after a blindside at the last banishment, adding $16k to the pot. Faithful become suspicious as a coup attempts.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 5- No one is innocent as both Traitors and Faithful become entangled in a web of lies and deception.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 6-The recent banishment of players has led to a loss of trust, and one Traitor suspects a Faithful is posing a threat.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 7-The Traitor’s increasing power raises concerns about their potential downfall.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 8- The game has taken a turn with the end near and the prize pot on the line, leaving no one safe.
  • The Traitors Australia Episode 9-The Traitors had five plans, but the mistrust between them may hinder their final execution.

Review Of The Traitors Australia By Users On IMDb

The Traitors is a new Australian version of The Mole, featuring a social game where contestants compete to win money. The show has many contestants, takes ages, and is poorly directed. The Dutch and British versions are more interesting, and the Belgian version is even worse. The cast is great, and Roger is a great host. The social game is intense, with the challenge of staying off everyone’s radar to avoid being a threat. Season 2 has not been confirmed yet, but the finale mentions seeing you next year. Overall, The Traitors is a great show.

Where Was The Traitors Australia Filmed

The Traitors Australia location takes place in the most luxurious place, which was held at a historical luxury hotel in Southern Highlands, New South Wales on Australia’s west coast, while the UK and US versions had been broadcast from an ancient Scottish castle.

Review Of The Traitors Australia on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sam from The Traitors Australia?

Sam McGlone, known as “The Sheriff,” is a runner-up in The Traitors (Australia)/Season 2, known for aggressive gameplay and betrayal of fellow Traitor Ash Pollard with Blake Willoughby.

Why was Paul edited out of The Traitors Australia?

Dirk Strachan-Thornton clarified that Paul was not boring but was excluded from the show due to production issues, not being included in final edits.

Who is Amanda Traitors partner?

The 54-year-old woman, who lives in Swansea with her partner Justin, twin daughters Anna May and Molly, and her dogs.

Final Thoughts!

Join the faithful’s as they work together to eliminate the traitors and discover who will emerge victorious. Enjoy the suspense, deception, and intense gameplay that The Traitors Australia offers on BBC iPlayer.

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